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Reader writers tell of golden wedding moments and minor disasters

Here comes the bride

At Times It Was Like Shared Music, at Times Like a Skin Graft or Root Canal — Stephen Dobyns I do at a coffin sale — Dorothy Stewart A Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Cake ...

Before PETA Protests

The evening after our wedding Kevin and I sat on my — I mean our — vintage mauve velvet sofa and ate Kentucky Fried Chicken. This was before I was a vegetarian, before I knew ...

Trouble Man

I'm a lousy housekeeper, and by the end of the week dishes are stacked on every available surface of my kitchen. The thought of cleaning them is overwhelming. So I've developed this ritual. I slip ...

A literary peeping Tom At UCSD

The debris of what you really do

Among Schuyler’s papers at UCSD, I happened upon a file marked “Eileen Myles.” The folder consisted mostly of postcards and hand-written notes attached to manuscripts she’d given Schuyler to read. Finally I spied a two-page letter.

Let’s Be Friends

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