Geoff Bouvier

Geoff Bouvier
Geoff Bouvier's first book, Living Room, (Copper Canyon Press), was selected by Heather McHugh as the winner of the 2005 APR/Honickman Prize. His writings have appeared in American Poetry Review, Barrow Street, Boston Review, Denver Quarterly, jubilat, New American Writing, Western Humanities Review, and VOLT. Bouvier received an MFA from Bard College's Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts in 1997.

He was appointed as the 2009 Roberta C. Holloway Lecturer at the University of California-Berkeley.

He wrote feature stories for the Reader from 2003 through 2009.

Articles by Geoff Bouvier

Deadly Mosquitoes Breed in Our Urban Drool

So far in 2008, we’re at 23 cases of human West Nile virus, and climbing.

A few days after an autumn picnic near Los Peñasquitos Lagoon, a local grade-schooler comes down with the flu. Fever, chills, headache, and he can’t bring himself to get out of bed. His mother worries, ...

It's Getting Ugly Downtown

Downtown condos - kinda like roller coasters.

One Who’s Out and Wants In A man walks into the lobby of a downtown sales office on Sixth Avenue and G Street on a Sunday morning, wheeling his young son in a stroller in ...

$120 Is Music to Our Ears

The San Diego Symphony rebounds and swings.

It’s Friday morning, and a woman in casual clothes, with a viola case on her back, bicycles down Harbor Drive. She’s headed toward Embarcadero Park, behind the Convention Center, for a summer pops rehearsal of ...

Illegal Ways to Avoid the Border Wait

How did the pollero cross the border?

They’re still building roads out on Otay Mesa, about three miles north of the international border. The hot tar takes longer to set in the incredible heat. The smell hangs thick over the brown hillsides ...

They Think They’re in Love

Teens surveyed at Mission Valley, San Diego High, City Heights, Bonita, Balboa Park

According to a survey of 4600 teenagers (aged 12–17) conducted recently by Mediamark Research Inc., 89 percent of teens say they have been in dating relationships, 57 percent regularly date, and 33 percent have a ...

What's Wrong with Balboa Park?

Money is the matter.

If the Pacific Ocean is San Diego’s swimming pool, Balboa Park is our backyard. When we want to get out of the house, Balboa Park is where we go, 11 million times per year. And ...

Way Too Many People Live Out Here

When development meets wild backcountry.

A lawsuit was filed in March of this year by five environmental groups — including the Center for Biological Diversity and the Sierra Club — stating that overarching land-management plans prepared by the U.S. Forest ...

You Wanna Pull?

rm Wrestling Nation here in San Diego.

On a Saturday spring morning, in a small fenced-in backyard in San Marcos, 40 or so rather dangerous-looking men (and a few women and children) have gathered to celebrate arm wrestler Harold “the Rattlesnake” Ryden’s ...

No One’s Ever Told Me That I Look Like a Fish

Hobby becomes obsession

“First of all,” says Dave Huie, “it should really be called the exotic fish hobby, not the tropical fish hobby.” Beneath his glasses, Huie’s face is scrunched into a look of bemusement. “Although, even that ...

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