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— Which Southern California amusement park had customers killed on a ride in September?

a. Knott's Berry Farm

b. Disneyland

c. Magic Mountain

d. Universal Studios

2. On September 15, the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the ACLU and postponed the California recall election, agreeing that counties using punch card ballots would disenfranchise some voters. Punch-card ballots would be used in how many California counties?

a. five

b. six

c. seven

d. nine

3. On September 3, a dead California crow tested positive for West Nile virus, the first known case in Southern California. What part of the state was the crow found in?

a. Los Angeles County

b. San Bernardino County

c. Imperial County

d. San Diego County

4. After being drafted by the Chargers in 2001, defensive back Tay Cody was waived following their loss to Denver. Which round was Cody taken in?

a. first

b. second

c. third

d. fourth

5. Richard Grasso resigned under pressure as chairman of the New York Stock Exchange amid public outcry about his pay package, which included retirement benefits worth:

a. $139 million

b. $150 million

c. $159 million

d. $200 million

6. Statistics for 2001 (the latest year available) show one ethnic group lagging far behind other immigrants, with only 34 percent of its immigrants choosing naturalization. That ethnic group was:

a. Chinese

b. Eritreans

c. Filipinos

d. Mexicans

7. An appeals court for which state recently ended a centuries-old policy of recognizing common-law marriages?

a. Ohio

b. Massachusetts

c. Pennsylvania

d. Delaware

8. On Sunday, September 21, the Chargers lost to the Baltimore Ravens, 24-10. The Baltimore Ravens were originally the NFL team for which city?

a. Houston

b. Cleveland

c. Philadelphia

d. Boston

9. Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis was acquitted in 2000 in what many viewed as a botched prosecution after being charged with what crime?

a. murder

b. grand theft

c. rape

d. kidnapping

10. Which local Indian band signed a $250 million agreement with Park Place Entertainment, owners of Caesars Palace, to build a 500-room hotel and 2000-slot casino on their reservation?

a. Inaja

b. Pauma

c. Rincon

d. Cabazon

11. The latest gay-rights legislation signed by Governor Davis, AB 205, was authored by which member of the state assembly?

a. Jackie Goldberg

b. Sheila Kuehl

c. Mark Leno

d. Christine Kehoe

12. Forbes magazine released its updated ranking of the wealthiest 400 Americans, which included San Diegans Joan Kroc, Alex Spanos, and John Moores. All totaled, how many San Diego County residents made the list?

a. four

b. five

c. seven

d. eight

13. Since the fall of Baghdad, what percentage of Iraq is under the control of local democratic councils?

a. 30 percent

b. 50 percent

c. 60 percent

d. 90 percent

14. Which major pharmaceutical company has just begun the first global tests of an AIDS vaccine?

a. Merck

b. Pfizer

c. GlaxoSmithKline Plc

d. Eli Lilly

15. Which California gubernatorial candidate recently made the following statement: "We have people from every planet on Earth in this state. We have the sons and daughters of every people from every planet of every country on Earth."

a. Arnold Schwarzenegger

b. Arianna Huffington

c. Cruz Bustamante

d. Gray Davis

16. On Tuesday, September 16, Helene Nance, the 25-year-old wife of a transportation security administration manager, was arrested at which airport for having a gun in her purse?

a. Kansas City

b. Denver

c. Los Angeles

d. San Francisco

17. Which Democratic presidential candidate made the following statement in an interview with Tim Russert: "I thought that this country was founded on the principle of progressive taxation."

a. Howard Dean

b. John Kerry

c. Wesley Clark

d. Richard Gephardt

18. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that the number of overweight and obese children in the U.S. has doubled in the past 20 years. They estimate that what percentage of American children are overweight?

a. 10 percent

b. 15 percent

c. 20 percent

d. 35 percent

19. Two of the three Ninth Circuit judges who halted the recall election on September 15 were appointed by which president?

a. Carter

b. Clinton

c. Bush (Sr.)

d. Johnson

20. This year marks the last season that the Padres will play in Qualcomm Stadium. What year did the San Diego Padres become a major league team?

a. 1966

b. 1969

c. 1970

d. 1973


1. b. Disneyland

2. b. six

3. a. Los Angeles County

4. c. third

5. a. $139 million

6. d. Mexicans

7. c. Pennsylvania

8. b. Cleveland

9. a. murder

10. b. Pauma

11. a. Jackie Goldberg

12. d. eight

13. d. 90 percent

14. a. Merck

15. d. Gray Davis

16. b. Denver

17. c. Wesley Clark

18. c. 20 percent

19. b. Clinton

20. b. 1969

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