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1. ­Tijuana’s new mayor, Carlos Bustamante is American-born, has a degree from USD, and speaks fluent English. In what town was Bustamante ­born?

A. Chula Vista

B. East Los Angeles

C. Riverside

D. National City

2. The port commission recently approved Doug ­Manchester’s request to relinquish his controlling interest in which downtown ­hotel?

A. The Westin

B. The U.S. Grant

C. The Hyatt

D. The Omni

3. Which famous California criminal was denied parole on July ­6?

A. Charles Manson

B. Leslie Van Houten

C. Sirhan Sirhan

D. Richard Ramirez

4. Major League ­Baseball’s All-Star Game was held in which California stadium this ­year?

A. The Oakland-Alameda Coliseum

B. Angel Stadium

C. Dodger Stadium

D. AT&T Park

5. Which Islamic nation has banned “decadent” haircuts for men, specifically, spiky, gelled ­hairstyles?

A. Kuwait

B. Syria

C. Pakistan

D. Iran

6. According to Zillow.com, home prices nationwide dropped 3.8 percent in May from the previous year, while San ­Diego’s home prices rose. How much did San ­Diego’s home prices ­rise?

A. 6 percent

B. 7 percent

C. 10 percent

D. 12 percent

7. Beginning in April 2012, Carnival Cruise Lines will offer round-trip cruises from San Diego to what ­destination?

A. Hawaii

B. Acapulco

C. Tahiti

D. Alaska

8. A business owner from which San Diego community is selling bumper stickers that read, “Please ­Don’t Feed Our Bums”?

A. La Jolla

B. National City

C. Downtown

D. Ocean Beach

9. Fans of the online game Battle.net are upset because Blizzard, the Irvine-based company that operates the site, will now be…

A. Charging a fee to play

B. Redesigning the game

C. Requiring players to use their real first and last names

D. Reporting players and times of play to a federal agency

10. The public health department of which California city recently published guidelines for making marijuana ­brownies?

A. Santa Ana

B. San Francisco

C. Carmel

D. Garberville

11. Solera, a company that makes software for auto insurers, has announced that it is moving its headquarters from San Diego to which major ­city?

A. Denver

B. Las Vegas

C. Dallas

D. Houston

12. Coach Vinny Del Nigro was recently hired to take over which beleaguered sports ­franchise?

A. The Los Angeles Kings

B. The Los Angeles Clippers

C. The Anaheim Mighty Ducks

D. The Los Angeles Galaxy

13. Celador International, the British-based creator of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire recently won a judgment of $270 million from which production ­company?

A. Walt Disney ­Co.

B. Pie Town Productions

C. David E. Kelley Productions

D. Paramount Television Pictures

14. David Kernell, a 22-year-old student, was convicted of hacking into the email account of which prominent ­politician?

A. Harry Reid

B. Nancy Pelosi

C. Hillary Clinton

D. Sarah Palin

15. A recent field poll on ­California’s senate race showed Barbara Boxer holding a slim lead or three percentage points over Carly Fiorina, 47 to 44. Boxer, however, leads Fiorina by a 81 to 11 percent margin with one group. Who are ­they?

A. Seniors

B. Blacks

C. Hispanics

D. Asian-Americans

16. A report by IHS Global Insight predicts that ­California’s economic growth will be above the national average through what ­year?

A. 2012

B. 2013

C. 2015

D. 2016

17. Between March 2000 and March 2010, which industry had the fastest growth rate, adding nearly two million ­jobs?

A. Government jobs

B. Pornography

C. Biotech

D. Online intelligence

18. The FAA has granted a special weight exemption to the Terrafugia Transition. The Terrafugia Transition is essentially a

A. Compact jet aircraft

B. Flying car

C. Flying scooter

D. Jet pack

19. During the first week of July, UCSD surgeons removed an organ without any internal incision, using a technique known as NOTES (Natural Orifice Translumenal Surgery), making this the first successful surgery of its kind. What organ was ­removed?

A. Spleen

B. Gall bladder

C. Bladder

D. Kidney

20. Which California ­city’s animal-control department is considering an ordinance that would ban the sale of all pets except ­fish?

A. Malibu

B. Escondido

C. Santa Cruz

D. San Francisco


  1. A, National City
  2. C, The Hyatt
  3. B, Leslie Van Houten
  4. B, Angel Stadium
  5. D, Iran
  6. B, 7 percent
  7. A, Hawaii
  8. D, Ocean Beach
  9. C, Requiring players to use their real first and last names
  10. B, San Francisco
  11. C, Dallas
  12. B, The Los Angeles Clippers
  13. A, Walt Disney ­Co.
  14. D, Sarah Palin
  15. B, Blacks
  16. C, 2015
  17. A, Government jobs
  18. B, Flying car
  19. B, Gall bladder
  20. D, San Francisco
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