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You're Worth Over 800 Million Dollars. Is it Enough to be Considered Old Money?

I have a friend who’s lived in San Diego for more than 20 years but grew up in the Old Money enclave of Washington, D.C. I’ll call him Andrew. He claims his parents weren’t Old ...

The Mudhens Move to Talbot Street

San Diego Yacht Club moves from Glorietta Bay to La Playa

Most members lived on the “mainland” — Mission Hills and Point Loma (especially the Roseville/La Playa area, which runs west from the old Marine Corps recruiting depot) — and most moored their boats around the Roseville Pier.

One Percent Innocent

While "innocent until proven guilty" may be the basis of criminal law in America, convicted felons find that it works in reverse when appealing their cases. Appealing a conviction is a long, arduous process, and ...

Mayor's Mysterious Money Mavens

In January, San Diego mayor Dick Murphy gave his first "State of the City" speech, in which he set forth ten goals, including fixing sewer spills, building a downtown ballpark, and finding money for a ...

Crash and burn

During the late dot-com stock-market boom, the once high-flying stocks owned by Padres owner John Moores and his JMI Equity venture capital investment company were the envy of the high-tech world and helped Moores become ...

Nine-one-one (operator)

“She said, ‘My husband just shot himself. I had the address here, but we always verify it. I said, ‘What’s your name?’ She said,‘Ruth’.... I immediately put the call in, so we had officers rolling.”

Hard-core chess fiends love Saturdays

For people who like to solve problems

The club boasts “virtually all the strongest players in San Diego County,” says Saponara, “including one of the best players in the United States” — 41-year-old Cyrus Lakdawala. “But we have players at every other level..”

Toe Jams

"I like myself a great deal, and I'm afraid that if God gave me arms, my ego would have been out of control," says Mark Goffeney, the armless guitar player and lead singer of the ...

Drive and then hike to Toro Peak, the pinnacle of the desert-bordering Santa Rosa Mountains.

At 8716 feet Toro Peak crowns the Santa Rosa Mountains, an elongated complex of ridges running for some 35 miles between Palm Springs in Riverside County and Borrego Valley in San Diego County. Perhaps nowhere ...

Anarchy on the web

Godwin, Kropotkin, Proudhon, Chomsky, and Emma Goldman

Anyone who wrote an apology for his life while in prison, as Oscar Wilde did in De Profundis, cannot properly be called an anarchist. Yet as he so often did, Wilde condensed a credo into ...

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