Content for Thursday, May 1, 1997

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Village Voice food critic Jeff Weinstein revisits his gustatory past in San Diego

There's an unbroken line from highchair to dining chair that follows my profile faithfully.

The dangers of clove cigarettes

They anesthetize your mouth and throat

Dear Matmailen in Cloven-landen: My friend Marky-Mark and I have heard a lot of scary statements in regard to the ingredients and health risks of clove cigarettes. Our preferred brand: Djarum Specials, long lasting, smooth, ...

How much water a stomach can hold

What happens if you swallow a large ice cube

Hi, Matt: Now that summer’s coming on, I’m going to be drinking a lot more water than usual. Tell me, if I slug down a bunch of water all at once, is there a danger ...

UC San Francisco neurosurgeon Charlie Wilson takes my call

The bad news wasn't the seizures

One afternoon about four years ago, my brother John called me during office hours. I had finished my family practice residency about six months before and was just starting my own practice in Berkeley, California. ...

Inside a genuine 18-wheeler from Bud’s Trucking of Lakeside

It’s a little like going down the freeway in a two-story house

They tell Manuel to bring the truck in. Instead of continuing up 805 to Mission Valley, we get off onto 94 east, take it to 125 north, then 8 east through El Cajon, and north on 67, back to Bud’s.

Has Jacor,, the megamillion-dollar radio holding company, broken antitrust laws?

You can buy all ten of our stations in San Diego

Has Jacor, the megamillion-dollar radio holding company that owns or controls ten San Diego stations, including KSDO, KGB, and KOGO, broken antitrust laws in its haste to gobble up the local radio market? Jacor confirms ...

Domenigoni Ranch, experts in coyote-killing

California Senate Bill 1143 would ban the use of traps in the state of California

In mid-February, Bug, our neighbor's orange-yellow cat, disappeared. Last week, a woman in a Jeep Cherokee pulled up in front of our house. She asked me if I had seen Ivan, a black cat with ...

San Diego has the highest noncompliance rate for draft registration

Murray Galinson calls for sports authority to build a new baseball stadium

San Diego's reputation as a gung ho military town is fading fast. Latest evidence: Richard Nixon's lucky city, which during the Vietnam War sported American flags on the roof of every downtown highrise, has the ...

Why fish don't freeze in freezing water

Proteins in their blood bind to any ice crystals

Dear Matthew: How can fish survive in the Arctic and Antarctic without freezing? — Bart, Chula Vista Fish adapted to very cold water have evolved unique antifreeze systems. Certain proteins in their blood bind to ...