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The danger to San Diego filtration plants

Chlorine catastrophe

It’s an unthinkable accident: a tank rupture sends a gigantic plume of deadly chlorine gas down the valley, blanketing schools, homes, churches, and anything else in its path with a green cloud. Thousands are killed. ...

San Diego Cambodians speak about Pol Pot

I would prefer that he were dead

"He should be killed! We want him dead!" says Mr. Sokha, in the Trieu Chau restaurant. "Don't bother with a trial. Three million people died because of him. We want to know he's gone."

Lemon Grove 7th grader homeschools to read A Clockwork Orange

I compared the Odyssey with Valmiki's Ramayana

Once upon a time, a "plain" girl lived a "regular" life in a "normal" town. She began listening to Danzig, dyed her hair black, and stopped wearing pink. That girl was - and still is ...

Why magazines pressure you to renew your subscription

Newsstand sales are unpredictable

Dear Matthew Alice: Why do I keep getting subscription cards in all the magazines I already subscribe to? Isn’t this a tremendous waste of paper and trees? If I am a subscriber, why would I ...

San Diego's suspicious and cautious stamp-collecting subculture

David Lehman writes poem on Coronado beach for local collector

The artist responsible for these philatelic collages, Teri Hoefer, is a 25-year-old SDSU student who also plays electric violin for a rock-and-roll band called Go Go Go Airheart, or sometimes Go Go Go Versus Airheart.

Exactly how superior a dog's sense of smell is

Lawrence Myers at Auburn knows sniffing dogs

M: While sipping on a cocktail, my Uncle Crazy was babbling scores of unproven facts when out came the claim that our best friend, the dog, has a sense of smell 200,000 times better than ...

Ice cream is the very promised land, the El Dorado for reverie

Every spoonful begins in innocence

In 1899, 5 million gallons of ice cream were sold in the United States; by 1909, 30 million gallons; by 1919, 150 million gallons. The most recent figures show that Americans annually eat 23 quarts.

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