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Discovery of an Australian sailboat treasure in San Diego

The simple magic of being pushed forward by wind

Annie offered me the tiller and I accepted. Precious was lively, responsive. I tacked and headed north toward the Coronado Bridge. Annie continued telling me about her Australia trip, about meeting Norm Wright and his wife Helen.

All of music did not begin with rock and roll

The Beatles did do liner notes

Dear Mr. Alice:As some friends and I were kicking back one day listening to the Beatles and reading the lyrics that came with the album, we were wondering, what was the first music artist to ...

Sex and San Diego State

Daily Aztec raunch

My kids are considering San Diego State, and I'm interested to see if this fall's Daily Aztec newspaper staff carries on last year's most notable last year's most notable traditions: careless prose and a dependence ...

San Diego ConVis exec attracts, gets in trouble with Baptists

The Reverend and the lady

A former San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau executive has become enmeshed in a sex-and-money church money church scandal that's making headlines in Florida, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. "Baptist Leader Linked to Second Woman Who's Not ...

The facts of life — death, taxes, and parking spaces

There used to be five, but now there are three

Dear Matthew Alice: How many facts of life are there, and what are they? — Wondering, La Jolla There are three facts of life: There will always be death; there will always be taxes; there ...

Tijuana jail to house Mexican inmates in California prisons

International Canine Genetics frozen semen comes to San Diego

If it's good enough for TV factories, why not prisons? That seems to be the logic behind a proposal to build a privately run jail in Tijuana to house Mexican inmates currently occupying California prisons. ...

The small Braille sequences on the bottom rim of beer bottles

The concave or lumpy or otherwise marked-up bottoms

Dear Almighty Matt: Okay, here’s the deal. I, like many of my fellow Americans, have a strange fascination with beer. I mean, what’s better than beer? Not much. Well, the other night I was once ...

Suicide may be legal in Japan, but not in California

It's none of your business whether I kill myself

People have come into my office having heart attacks. But after Masako walked out our front door, I felt more helpless and frightened than at any other time during my four and a half years ...

Apricots: Floragold? Goldrich? Moongold? Moorpark? Wenatchee Moorpark?

My father-in-law inhabits every bite I eat

Midsummer nights, I not infrequently put myself to sleep considering the taste of a warm, ripe apricot. I imagine the apricot’s sunrise color, the red blush along its curve. I imagine the apricot’s heft in ...

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