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No Middle Ground

Jorge DeHorta’s life ended, for all practical purposes, late one Friday night in July of 1994, a few minutes before 1:00 a.m.. when a Chula Vista cop and his K-9 partner arrested him in a ...

Origin of the f-word

Not even Chaucer or Shakespeare use it

Dear Mr. Alice: I’ve always wondered about that most vulgar of English vulgarities, the F-word. I remember my fifth-grade teacher claimed it stood for Fornication Under Consent of the King. What is its true semantic ...

Why not to double ingredients in Brownies recipe

Lower the amount of water and vegetable oil

Matthew Alice: If you want to double the amount of product from a reaction, you have to double the amount of reactants. In other words, if you want twice as much green paint, mix twice ...

Ode to the Wolfman

San Diego top 40 DJ immortalized in American Graffiti

“The trouble is, in the early 1970s the radio people began to take over, the accountants and the researchers, the people who didn’t know what the hell was going on. That’s what screwed things up.”

Hot Springs Mountain

Some of the loftiest — and least-visited — mountain country in San Diego County lies on the 25,000-acre Los Coyotes Indian Reservation. San Diego County’s highest point, Hot Springs Mountain, with an elevation of 6533 ...

The Least of These

The tortured life of our duck

It looked like the fossil of a dinosaur, there on the CAT scan film. The veterinarian, Dr. Marjorie McMillan, pointed her index finger, the nail clipped, unpolished, toward the skull. “There and there,” she said. ...

Californians Are an Idle, Thriftless People

Richard Henry Dana in San Diego

So on that Sunday, young Dana — a stripling tar, 20 years old — walked into San Diego wearing a blue jersey, duck trousers, and a straw hat. He and his friend Stimson headed right to a “grog-shop.”

They All Seemed to Have Vague Mob Connection

A son reviews his father's stage act

“Before you were born, the first time your mother felt you kick was in the middle of my guitar solo in Max’s Kansas City, to the tune of Bad Boy by the Beatles.”

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