Famous California characters

Forgotten Romance Gave us "California"

Esplandian's strongest, most beautiful woman in the world, Calafia

Esplandian was published around 1510, “while our California, even the peninsula of that name, was not discovered by the Spanish till 1526 and was not named California till 1535.”

Richard Henry Dana in San Diego

Californians are an idle, thriftless people

So on that Sunday, young Dana — a stripling tar, 20 years old — walked into San Diego wearing a blue jersey, duck trousers, and a straw hat. He and his friend Stimson headed right to a “grog-shop.”

Michael Reagan's out in the cold again — but, aw heck, he's used to it

Up for adoption

There were times during the White House years which were tough. The Secret Service caused all kinds of trouble in my life. There was a rift in the family, that was brought on by the Secret Service.

C. Arnholt Smith, in his own words – part 1

Mr. San Diego still rolling at 93

I don’t know why we expanded like this. I guess I’m a damn fool and like to work and create things. We had to have jobs, industry. San Diego wasn’t like Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Steel.