Content for Thursday, April 16, 1992

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Michael Reagan's out in the cold again — but, aw heck, he's used to it

Up for adoption

There were times during the White House years which were tough. The Secret Service caused all kinds of trouble in my life. There was a rift in the family, that was brought on by the Secret Service.

They wanted money to soundproof 35,000 homes beneath Lindbergh Field's flight path.

Lawsuit ends, noise continues

At that point some members of the coalition began to worry about what would happen if they lost the case and then had to pay the port hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Attracted to cat ladies

Loved her, hated it

I recall setting up house with one Peggy O’Dwyer, a freckled, blonde Irish woman, full of spunk, brass, and devilment. This was a rare woman, the one in a thousand who was road-buddy material. I ...

Edward would have been gorgeous if he had all his fur.

I missed cats, deeply, childishly

I find a cinnamon-colored strand of fur, black-banded, poking through the sleeve of my sweater. Another cat hair; I had hoped I’d gotten them all out of my life. They turn up now and then, ...