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When Richard Henry Dana returned to Point Loma

As we round Point Loma .

On the 22nd of August, 1859, the little steamer Senator called at San Diego with passengers from Los Angeles. It rounded the point under the lighthouse and entered the harbor’s narrow channel at about 8:00 ...

Last suppers ordered by inmates on Texas's death row

Steak was the entree most frequently asked for

My friend James recently left an astounding list on my desk: "Final Meals Requested by Inmates Executed in Texas." Two pages, 34 names (all men), 28 meals. He picked it up from a Mr. Brown, ...

Two very strange calls for help in La Jolla

The handyman can

About a year ago, I found myself unemployed again. I’d had a string of counseling assignments, intertwined with periods of joblessness. I had even been an employment counselor, so supposedly I knew the ins and ...