An Alternative View to City Front Terrace’s Well-Intentioned Train Noise Update and Suggested Actions Retitled: How to solve a problem with a fight while combating sleepless nights.

Ok lets look at what City Front Terrace Homeowner Association’s suggests as actions to SHhhhhhhh the train one by one: 1. Time and Date of incident: Ok the time is well. . . um I don’t bLEePiNg know because I want to sleep and the last thing that’s awesome when I am sleeping is looking at the clock. Cause it totally feels awesome to roll over and think “BlEePPiNG train!!!!” and then find a pen write it down. And oh yeah, I got to find the pen on the . . . or over in the. . . oh yeah I remember it’s over here. . . ok cool I think I found the pen. . . oh no that’s my what is that??? BLeEEEEEEEP now I gotta turn on the lights. . . BLEEP now I got remember what switch turns on the “chillest light” on the master control panel. . . BLEEP ok now the paper oh good I found one ( just reader’s note I just ended the hero’s journey now so he has better chance to relax back easily into sleep. Onward to ACTION 2 2. Direction of train travel I don’t even know how you know that??? It’s 4:05 AM as we speak on June 28th. I hear the train, I am wondering if that’s the train I hear or the street sweeper???? No its both. Still don’t know the direction or how I would as I write the blog I am pitching and BLeeP where is the train, no thats not it that’s the nice car sorry don’t know what the type of car it is I just know its nice cuz I am from the 505 but back to the direction of the train, and look at this cat all in a moving van singing at the top of his lungs having a good ol’ time. He don’t give a bleep. he has to be up to schelepe whatever he gots to get paid. Ok I think the train has meet its destination???? Cuz I don’t hear but here comes the subaro making noise. BLeep that train!!! Step 3

  1. Train engine or any RR car number: “LOOK, am on my balacony trying to write my blog and my friend is “sleeping” so he can go hustle and sell insurance.” Sorry Ms. Barbarella I didn’t want you to feel left out. <3 Duh??? he needs “his sleep” so he can make good decisions. But maybe not maybe he has figured out what direction the train is traveling cuz he’s got ears and at one time he did use his ears to listen for animals and kill them, and bring them back to his cave bitch and all his protoytypes and then sleep and do it again. But now his ears are for??? Dealing with the 4th street sweeper (I counted!! Thanks kindergarten teacher) listening to his clients in order to sell them his best product in hopes it will be in their best interest because he does care about them and doesn’t want to sell them shit. So now he is worried about all that but back to what is Step 3 again??? Wait did he 21st century man move it and sick this bitch on the situation??? BLEEP!!! BLEEPING HUSTLER!!! And step 3 is in case you are still reading. Train engine or any RR car number: (all I got to say is thank god for me figuring out how to use the keyboard controls for cut and paste. FYI control c for copy and crontrol v for paste Macs for sure but PC’s almost for sure ;)

  2. Type of noise, noise sequence, or duration. If you witness a train blocking an intersection for more than 10 minutes, in addition to the above information, include the intersections blocked and duration of blockage. That just seems so a word that is offensive to some. So get mad if you are and own the word!!! BLEEP that train!!! PS. I <3 my mom and <3 she is <3ing being retired!!!!!! great song to chill out to and epic title ha ha the 1st link i found when i wondered how to Shhhhhh the train


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