Jessica was feeling great, while driving her vintage 1965 white on white Mustang convertible, down Claremont Mesa Bvd. She always liked to go cruising and be seen in her car, so she would always take the long way back to the dorm at SDSU after leaving Mike’s apartment on Mission beach. She thought about picking up a pizza or sandwich on the way in or maybe even some Sushi. She decided to call Mike especially since last night when she got off work he was all serious and had something he wanted to talk about. He had that look she knew too well and it always meant bad news. But after taking midterms all week and working every night at the restaurant, all she wanted to do was blow off some steam and have a good time on Friday night. And the last thing she wanted to hear was bad news. So when she got to Mike’s house, she asked Mike to wait until after they returned from the party to have that talk. He started to say something but smiled and said “Ok” The party was down on the beach and Mike was still all serious and didn’t really want to go but as usual, she always has it her way. She was sure she loved Mike and she knew he was crazy about her, even though they were absolute opposites. She was fun loving and enjoyed life and he was always safe and serious about everything which is why she liked him so much, because she goes too fast and too far, and he keeps her grounded. She couldn’t help but smile at how things had been going for her. She made over two hundred dollars in tips everyday for almost two weeks at the restaurant. She was confident that she did well on her mid-terms, and the party last night was great, all her friends were there and she was laughing at how wild everything got, while she was dialing Mikes number. “Hello” he said, (sounding hoarse)she said wake up "you"!!!, He said, I didn’t know you left , she said’ I gotta go in early today, So I figured I better go home freshen up and change clothes and get ready to go back in. So anyways ‘what’s that thing you wanted to talk about last night? Mike said “Oh it’ll wait until I see ya tonight” she said – ya know’ if you don’t tell me I’ll be thinkin about it all day, so go on and tell me now. Mike said-Look Jess’ not now ok?!, besides I’m still sleep. She said – Mike’ don’t make me come back over there and kick yo ass. Mike said- look Jess this is one time we should talk face to face ok, please just trust me on this one. Now I’m really worried and I ain‘t gonna be able to do nothing but think about it all day Did I do something wrong? Mike said -"no" you didn’t do anything wrong it’s not about you. Look we can talk about this later on tonight, I’m going back to sleep and I’m hanging up the phone bye. (hung up)

John Wang was doing the same thing he did every Saturday morning for the past two years, as he was turning onto Linda Vista heading south in his 2005 red Lexis which was his most prized possession. He was going to take his mother to brunch and was still having guilt feelings about placing her in a senior citizen assisted living apartment in Chula Vista. He flashed back on how she was after his father passed away five years ago. She became so depressed, that all she did day after day was watch T.V. not even preparing meals or even bathing.

He formed wrinkles on his forehead, as he remembered how he would have to make her eat and take baths. He thought about the day he came home and the house was flooded from the overflowing commode and how she just sat there watching (T.V.). That broke the camel’s back, plus the constant worrying was all he could take, that’s when he moved her out. But since being at the senior center, she has become her old self again, making new friends, telling jokes and pretty much the mother that he stilled missed very much. He was thinking about asking her to come home on the weekends. Then he was startled by something he saw in the rearview mirror, it was a car coming up behind him really fast.

Bernard Russ (Nard), Was finally excited about something after three years of working 60 to 75 hours a week just to make ends meet. It finally paid off he landed the job he was after for three years. He was now a San Diego Fireman and after all the testing and interviews he would start training Monday. This was going to be a cake walk since he was a fireman in New Orleans for two years before Katrina hit. Which brought him to San Diego in the first place, and the only thing he could afford and had time to do was go to the "Y" since being here. But now (smiling) he would finally be able to afford a better place to live besides that trailer he has been living in, which was only a little larger than his 99 Denali. He was just going through the traffic light heading east at the intersection of Napa and Linda Vista when he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

Barry Bronson was doing the same thing he always does every Saturday morning and that is to take a walk down the hill to Starbucks to have his weekly cup of Gourmet Blend Coffee or an Extra Strong Italian Espresso, while he read a copy of the San Diego Union Tribune. Since retiring from the Border Patrol three years ago a job he started after retiring from the Marines at the age of 38. But now he spends most of his time enjoying life and travelling, fishing and just doing pretty much whatever he felt like doing. He was just thinking about this lady he met on a cruise that he took to Hawaii a few months ago as he was preparing to start his walk back up the hill, and how much time they had been spending together and he was wondering if it would be appropriate to take the relationship to another level then he heard this loud noise.

Mike Hardin was getting more pissed off by the minute his phone was blowing up with calls and his text alert was going off too. He knew it was Jess and he hollered out loud "Ok if she wants it this way I'll give her what she wants"!!! I don't know why I put up with her crap as long as I did, She's Selfish!! She's Arrogant!! And she acts like a spoiled brat; fine let's get this over with. So he answered the phone and he said Look Jess for the last time let's talk when you come over tonight. Jessica said "Hell Noooo" Ok fine Jess well then listen very carefully because I’m tired of this, I have never loved you, As a matter of fact, I’m starting to despise you. Jessica said "what? Are you kidding me"? You are breaking up with me after all this time. You didn't hear a word I said did you? Well let me put it this way for you. Your niece Amber is my daughter. (Then Mike hung up)

Mike didn't realize that he was actually standing up and trembling and was kind of surprised when the phone didn't ring or no new text messages came in. He actually started feeling bad for the way he said the things he said. Then he remembered when he met Jessica the younger sister of Marion who he had a crush on from the first time he saw her in his Biology class. He remembered it as if it was yesterday It was Kearny’s homecoming game, Jake was the Quarterback and I was a Wide Receiver at Kearney and we had Just beat Helix 34-10 and after the game we saw Jessica and Marion standing near the field at Mesa and Marion asked if we could give her and her sister a ride to the party. This is where everything went wrong, He should have stopped being so scared to speak out and let Marion know how much he cared about her. But know when Jake saw her the first thing he did was pull me over and said Mike look do me a favor and keep Jessica busy while I get to know Marion a little better. It was then that Mike said no way man I’ve been trying to get at Marion for two months now, so Jake said I’ll flip you for her. Anyway’ Jake won the” toss” and they even got a place together after high school. Jess and Mike became an Item and they all hung out together all the time until Jake enlisted in the Army. Mike stayed to work at his father’s construction company and everything was great until Marion called him crying one night after finding out Jake was living with another woman while being stationed in Germany. So he drove over to check up on her and one thing led to another and that was the night they conceived Amber. He never really did love Jessica but she was Marion’s sister. They both dreaded the thought of telling Jessica but Marion was going to keep the baby. He knew that his relationship with Jessica was over anyway and now Amber was three months old, and he just couldn’t wait any longer.

Aetna Claims’ Lawrence Brown speaking, the voice on the phone said; Mr. Brown my name is Jason Toliver with Travellers Auto claims and I,m calling in regards to a claim for one of our insured a Mr. Bernard Russ are you familiar with this situation I do have a claim and Policy number if that will help you. MR. Brown said -Oh no I just happen to have that claim up on my monitor right now.

Man Oh man that was one big mess. Mr. Toliver said, -Yeah I get your drift-, I have a statement from Mr. Wang and an accident report from the San Diego Police, they said one was in critical condition and there was one fatality and I still can’t figure out what happened. Mr.Brown said’ Well what happened, was that this Nineteen year old female student Named Jessica Tolbert was driving a white 1965 Ford Mustang really fast and was supposedly out of control. Mr Wang saw her coming and to get out of her way ran a red light and ran into Mr. Russ which caused him to hit a pedestrian by the name of Bronson, a Mr. Barry Bronson and Ms. Tolbert crashed her vehicle into a traffic pole and the back of a 7-11 store.

Ok this is where we put the ending – I previously stated that there was a fatality and a person in Critical condition so Mr. Wang is presumed alive and well, since he made a statement. So I have at least three people that could have been killed. The most likely candidate is Mr. Bronson since he was a pedestrian that was obviously in the wrong place at the wrong time. But hey, the dude was a warrior, a Marine for 20 years and then a Border Patrol Officer for another twenty years. He finally gets a chance to enjoy life after risking his life to keep others safe and then he gets "ran over" getting a cup of coffee- "Nope ain't gonna happen".The guy just shouldn’t go out like that.

Then there’s Jessica, a nineteen year old Cutie and I deliberately did not give anybody a face. But it’s obvious she’s a cutie because she a bit of an exhibitionist along with being a bit of a pushy bitch that’s borderline obnoxious that also has lots of friends. Trust me on this one, ugly chicks couldn’t get away with being like that. But she a is young and a hard working college student also a victim that was betrayed by her own sister and boyfriend it just doesn’t seem right for her to go out like this.

Then there’s Nard, even though nothing was stated it really feels like Nard is a black guy-oops Afro American (geez). Now based on the info it appears that Nard is at least 25 years old. Single with maybe a little college but no degree and since he works in public service you can assume that he does not have a criminal record. So I will go out on a limb and say Nard is probably paying child support and also was driving a Denali (which means he,s probably straight) that was hit by a Lexus while he was driving at about 25 to 35 miles per hour. The odds are that he was safer than Mr. Wang and besides he just got a break with getting his new job, Nope' it's not his time yet.

So Mr. Brown what about the fatality, ok let me guess, Mr. Bronson bought it right? Mr. Brown -Replied you will never guess in a million years. "No not the girl" said Mr. Toliver . Ya gotta hear this and hold on to your seat because this is the truth. Mr. Bronson got hit and was knocked up about ten feet in the air went over a four foot concrete fence and landed on a patio table on the Star Bucks patio with a guy sitting in a chair that broke his fall. But the guy that he fell on got a concussion and was really damaged by the table and was in critical condition but is stable now. The old retired guy got a broken arm and a few bruised ribs but left the hospital the next day.

So Mr. Tolbert said "It is the girl huh"? No she ran in to the wall and you ain’t gonna believe this, but it’s gotta be the freakiest accident ever. When she hit the wall it made such a loud noise that a guy inside the store that was a drunk thought it was a bomb going off while in the process of buying more beer in the bottle. Well when he heard the noise he jumped on the floor to cover up with the bottles in his hands one of them broke and cut his "Jugular Vien" which caused him to bleed to death. Damn said Mr. Toliver. That’s my sentiments exactly -said Mr. Brown.

In any case Mr Wang thinks the girls insurance is liable, and her insurance company is only going to pay for the pole and the damage to the store. They say since she didn't actually hit Mr. Wang that they are not liable. 7-11 is going after her insurance company to cover the damages for a customer slipping and falling and actually dying on their premises. Facing a wrongful death suit i,m sure, then their is the guy at Starbucks filing a personal injury suit and also the old retired guy has his lawyers also and the list goes on. Well said Mr. Toliver this is an easy one for me after all, I,m referring it to the legal department. Same here -said Mr. Brown.

This is one big "Lawyers Party" and it all started because a nineteen year old girl was using her cell phone while driving. Damn, wonder who she was talking too? Oh well thanks for the info and if you need.............................................................

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