"He is risen! He has risen, indeed! Halleluja!" --from "The Book Of Common Prayer."

Well, tomorrow is Easter Sunday...the holiest day of Christianity. it is so because on that blessed day, Jesus triumphed over Death and was ressurected from his tomb near Golgotha.

Pretty cool reason to celebrate, wouldn't you say?

Now, whether or not I can get to church tomorrow is one thing. However, for me, Easter Sunday has never really been about hollow chocolate bunnies (which can be obtained for cheap at the local dollar store the Monday after), boiled eggs with food coloring (they taste the same as regular eggs, anyhoo), or dressing up to see distant relations in another city.

No, my friends, to me, Easter is a time for introspection, insight, and a commitment to renewal. After the killjoy days of Lent, it's time to lighten yourself and your stress load. For me, I get behind my keyboard and start thumping!

For lunch, it will be grilled ham with mustard sauce. For dinner--grilled country-styled spareibs. Other than that, just a quiet day to thank The Lord for seeing me through my forty-six years, and to remember the better days of my youth,.

Oh, BTW: MLB's Regular Season begins Sunday Evening, as the New York Yankees tangle with the Boston Red Sox on ESPN at 17:00 (5pm). I won't be watching the game (no TV here at my place), but I'll havev the radio on for the Pads-Diamondbacks season opener on Monday!

Another thing: I am submitting a manuscript to the SD Reader, either tonight or tomorrow, for consideration and publication (if all goes well). It's called: "A Man With A Name, A Face...And An Illness," and it's about my experiences with the care and treatment of ther mental illness I deal with every day. I wrote it in honor of May being National Mental Health Month, and I felt my story might help others. Wish me luck.

Happy Easter! --LPR


CuddleFish April 3, 2010 @ 9:27 p.m.

Good luck, RobbieBear!!! And enjoy your Easter feast and the ballgame!!! :)


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