"If you get drunk, you miss all the fun!" --Hamburg University Drinking Club, Hamburg, Germany

The latest incident involving Shawne Merriman and Tila Tequila has pointed out that the term (bowlderized for The Reader's protection) "Instant Adam-Henry...just add alcohol" is still as relavant as ever. It also shows what does happen when you mix two nitro-class personalities, add booze and wounded egos, and have to call the cops to clean up the mess afterwards.

Strangely enough, it can happen with any intoxicant. This is why active substance abuse issues (including alcohol) should be a real deal-breaker in a love-partner relationship. It is for me, at least. I vett my potential love-partners very carefully about any substance abuse issues. If they are in a "Smith and Wilson"-type program, that shows me they are taking their problem seriously.

I have had roomies who couldn't leave the weed or the tweek alone, and the next thing I know, they end up without a home. Sometimes, to quote the band Ministry, they need "Just One Fix" (watch the video to see what home-based detoxing looks like--but make sure you don't eat beforehand, since it gets really gross) of their drug. That is when you know the drug is "fixing" them with Jumbo taking a dump on their brain (meaning the habit is terminal).

I might go to a tavern once in a while to catch college football and the NFL...but I do not have to booze it up to have a good time. Most of the time, my drink-of-choice is Diet Pepsi (or Coke, if only have that) with ice...and without rum! I still can cheer on my favorite teams, but without falling into an booze-tinged fog.

One of my favorite sayings is "If you get drunk, you miss all the fun." Considering how expensive having the legal system solve a problem that you are having...it's much cheaper to remain sober.

When it comes to living, it's better without overdone chemical help. As it stands, Merriman ended up in the Central Jail on spouse/companion abuse charges...and God knows what the High Sheriff of the NFL has in store. It might be Lights Out for Merriman's career as a Charger after Roger Rabid gets his mitts on him.

As for Tilla Tequilla? Well, most of the "sports-talk" shows are excoriating her with a will. So are many of the Chargers fans, for getting "Lights Out" in that mud-bath with her. All in all, folks...nobody would trade places with either one of them right now.

Now you know why you have to be selective in choosing a love-partner...the wrong choice can come back to cost you more than you ever had. Be thankful that it is the legal system, and not Death, who will be settling this dispute.

To answer the question posed by this entry's title: No...chemicals only make it better temporarily, but worsen it ten-fold in the long run.



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