Ok, so, this is my first blog entry which feels like something alien to me as if I was writing a college paper at the last minute. It must be my inner creative side trying to escape my wrath. So here's a brief about ME I grew up in San Jose, but my son has grown most of his roots here in Rancho Bernardo, a little hidden world all on its own.

In 2006 my husband, myself, and our son had a wonderful idea “Let’s travel down south, (San Diego) to start our lives and see what we can make of it.” Mind you, we had previously scoured all of San Diego county eyeing for the best areas where family and fun exists, prior to moving. We thought, La Mesa, it’s close to SDSU, downtown, local beaches, and is considered the “Jewel of the Hills” which sits in the center of strip malls, wondering people, trees, lakes, you name it, however for some reason we didn’t end up there, something didn’t feel right. It just wasn’t meant to be.

Since La Mesa was a no go we then looked for something more north, Tierrasanta. Loved the trees and the atmosphere, but on one side resides the residential living and ends in a dead end unpaved road and on the other, businesses and vocational schools. “Is this it”? I asked myself in deep thought. The set up was somewhat awkward to me, it felt as if each side was isolated and the bridge in between that binds the north and south bound freeways, was the link to this small town resemblance. Could there be something out there that didn’t feel so San Diego’ish, if this is even a word?

I wanted San Jose back, I wanted the city life back, you know, businesses joined at the hip with residential, I was lost between searching for the right place and a hard rock. It felt different, awkward, disconnected, “Oh God answer my prayers please…let there be liberation.” Maybe this wasn’t a good idea this was a terrible idea.

We ended up doing what most people do. We pulled our hair out in stride knowing that somewhere out here in San Diego was a location that was waiting for us. Third times a charm they always say and in our case it was true. We headed even further up north to a place called Rancho Bernardo. This area reminded me of La Mesa it was nurtured by residents, lush greens, specifically palm trees, the numerous golf courses, and low and behold…kids.

That was when I had the “Ah, ha”, moment. My son plus kids equals social interaction in age appropriate conversations and play time. Forget the “playdates” lingo that transpired from the unknown, which is the political term for an arranged appointment for kids to play, but this seemed like a place where my son can grow stable relationships, this was something that sparked my interest first and foremost. I soon, thereafter, found out that the place we moved to was affiliated with a community center, that embraces an Olympic size pool for lap lane users, a jacuzzi with tossing stream lined jets, 4 tennis courts, 2 indoor pool tables, a wonderful sized fireplace that sits across from a digital television, this all lingers down the hill from where I live and is in walking distance, “This, I thought, is home and I was liking it.”

Rancho Bernardo, AKA RB, was considered “my gem or diamond” I should say, of San Diego county. Come to find out a lot of people I meet outside RB don’t know where this little diamond in the rough remains. Maybe there’s a reason, is there such a place where living in a small community can feel like you’re in a different world, an island of its own? Hidden places like: Rancho Bernardo Inn a must go to kind of place or The Bernardo Winery great for a little family outing, and even the little sushi joint known as RB Sushi; Happy Hour ranges from 9pm- 12am on Fridays and holds a DJ conveniently located in the corner of the restaurant, and how about the Poway Unified School District and its prestigious notoriety, all of this sits in a little spot known as Rancho Bernardo. I don’t want to forget to mention that it’s spotless with minimal imperfections such as suggested eateries and businesses closing before bedtime, and yes let’s not forget that not only is this a family oriented location, but also a place where seniors co-exist. Being mindful of our fellow neighbors makes living here much more easier, although I do have to admit there’s been a few times where I have witnessed a couple of instances that made me turn my head a few times in astonishment and say to myself, “What the hell just happened.” Some of the stories would make for a great conversation and entertainment. Hey, no one’s perfect, but as for RB I have to say this place is close to perfect and would recommend living here IF you want the small city suburb lifestyle and sometimes it’s ok to leave the surrounding borders to cross over into other small knit communities of San Diego, but we won’t go there for now. Let’s leave it simple and embrace the diamonds offerings.


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