Here i find myself a 25 year old with pleaty of cutomer service experience , life experience, knowledge and know how of how to sell, market and intice cutomers but in the end of the day i know that my resume and what i have on paper is little to nothing of whats ecpected for a company. I got laid off due to lack of effort i put fourth in a company which had no real future or promotion whithin itself. I cant help but to find myself looking at a bank account which is depleted of all its resources and yet worried one of my many direct payment bills which are withdrawn from my account on a weekly basis may overdraft. The fact that i dont have an unemployment-check to look forward too has me stressed and i can definitley say anxiety is in the air. My head now seems be a paper weight for my pillow the effervescent reality to a life with no job or money equals sleep, eat , bathroom , job hunt, sleep and conserving my enegry. Like many people my age i could say i made mistakes in my life and now more then ever see the ramifications of my actions. I ask myself what i could have done different but now think is focusing on the past even worth the time? I cant help but remember what a good friend once told me, he said "dont focus on your past or What others have but rather focus on what you need to do to achieve what you want". Who is in charge of giving someone a second chance ? I take a minute to step back and introspect to find my life is just like many in the fact that i did a job i did not feel i loved but i did it reguardless to "get by". Here i question, has "getting by" become a new way of life?


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