I watch a cute couple walking together, holding hands down the street of the Gaslamp. The guy was about 5'10" and he wore a black tank top that accentuates his trendy sleeve tattoos and writings on his chest. The shorts he wore showed how skinny his legs were because they look as if they were denim biker shorts. The girl he was with was short, probably 5'5" with her three inch heels on, and she had cute curly hair with a cute pink shirt and a cute black short skirt that matched her cute clutch purse. They looked happy together until I saw their eyes, which were dilated to the point where it was nothing but pupil and sclera. These probably chose to take some kind of sick drug of their choice in order to enjoy their night out. They approached me and asked me directions and they couldn't make out the proper words for a "Mall" and "Shop". I asked them how much drugs they were on, just because I was curious, and they said they took some blow together before they went out together.

I thought it was sweet that they did it together, and told them the directions to the mall so they can shop for clothes.

I had the opportunity to talk to more people in the Gaslamp, and as my usual self, I wanted to make sure every female who talked to me know that they are absolutely gorgeous. Some flirted with me, some talked to me, some just said thank you, but the satisfaction I get for telling all these girls they look pretty is a good one, up until the point when a woman asks me "What does your girlfriend think of you telling all these girls that they're pretty?"

"I don't have a girlfriend", I replied to her.

She gave me a surprised look and said "Oh, why not? I thought a guy like you would have a girl."

What's interesting is that since I stood with a straight back, chest out, and spoke loudly to all the girls walking by me, I should have a girl. Since I smile at everyone and always make jokes with people, I am obviously tied down. Not the case, and on the contrary, I don't think I would enjoy myself if I was tied down. If I were dating someone, I don't think I would want to tell another female she is pretty, simply because I would feel like my girl would somehow be watching me around the corner.

Later in the night, I saw the couple I saw before, but this time they weren't holding hands. In fact, the man was talking to another female, and the guy's "girlfriend" followed behind him, her arms crossed, sad for some reason. They stopped close by me again, and I heard the man arguing with the other girl. I decided to ask the short, cute "girlfriend" what's the problem.

"That's his ex-girlfriend. They're arguing about me," she told me.

"Wow, that's hard. Just stay strong, I think you got a good head on your shoulders," I said, just trying to comfort her. What's amazing is that she didn't even start to cry or anything, she kind of stood there, patient, as if she knew everything was going to be okay.

After about ten minutes of the old couple arguing, I watched the man walk back to his girl, hold her hand, and hail a taxi back to their loft or wherever they needed to go.

I thought to myself that this is definitely not worth the headache to have a "girlfriend". Through some kind of unusual relationship, this drug-addicted couple were able to enjoy the night together and leave together without a problem. I thought to myself that there is no need to have a "girlfriend", these two were in love, and that's what matters. Having someone you can truly enjoy the night with.


Mindy Ross Sept. 25, 2012 @ 2:43 a.m.

I'm beyond the relationship stage. The only thing about getting old is that you don't have to deal with this stuff anymore. An old friend contacted me through this site about a month and asked if I'd like to "help him try out his Viagra." OMG, has it come to this? Time to give it all up.


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