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I Don't Need a Girlfriend

I watch a cute couple walking together, holding hands down the street of the Gaslamp. The guy was about 5'10" ...

Education in San Diego: You Guys Have it Good

I don't think I can attest how excellent education is here in San Diego, despite what some naysayers will tell ...

Cultural Language

"Amin, I see you as someone incredibly unique. You're not 100% Iraqi, and you're not 100% American," says a good ...

Tales of an Insomniac: Busted Head

~~This is another story written in a fictional state of mind. The situations in this story is inspired by true ...

Tales of an Insomniac: The First Month in San Diego

Reminiscing of past events is often necessary to motivate and inspire those around a person and even stir a possible ...

Tales of an Insomniac: The First Night in San Diego

Some times people get eased into their new lives, with little speed bumps here and there. Life is wonderfully easy ...

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