As I sit in a damp, red brick building downtown Seattle next to my pile of possessions I notice a roll of thin cardboard, hiding beneath some bags, with random scribbles on it. These are the quotes off of the "quote-boards" from the house on Pepper Drive in El Cajon my roommates and I lived in a two summers ago. They have become tributes to my family of an unforgettable squad and they must be shared. Many who read this will not get the inside humor to the excerpts about to be spilled but the ones who do, this is for you…

                                Parental Advisory Warning

“Check your egos and clothes at the door.” -Pepper House Rules

“Does this drink make me look gay?” -Zake “No, no, your face does.”- Jach

“What’s peyote, some kind of salsa?”-Zake

“I hate crowds, especially on a hill.”-Blue

“Tan in Cali, pale in Seattail.”-Jach

“Tosies make everything better.”-Ashley

“U mite as well plug dat up 2 mah ass cuz it’s fina sound like SHIT!”-F.P.

“Elena Rocks Socks!”-Elena

“Tobble our take.” Jach

“CHAIN SMOKE REACTION!”- Zake, Jach, Blue, Ashley

“Fast and the Furious. Just like in the bed sheets.”-Zake

“Syio?”-Jach “Siyo?”-Zake (Ciao)

“I never thought I’d see two men spooning in my bed.”-Lucky

“We’re going to roofy ourselves, conciously!”-Zake

“Did you take your roofy yet?”-Jach

“Sex doesn’t ruin friendships, friendships ruin sex.”-Lucky

“What are you doing tomorrow, besides your mom?”-Jach

“Candy or baked goods, BITCH!”-Zake

“2 fake ppl don’t make 1 real--THE HOT SPOT!”-Elena

“Zake ate the quote.”-Jach

“It’s The League”-F.P.

“I promise I don’t have Aids.”-Jach

“I love Blue and Ash.”-Anonymous

“Is that poo? (touch, sniff) Yeah, it’s poo.”-Jach

Whitt: “Elena, will you be my girlfriend?” Elena: “Do I have to do nasty lesbian things?”

Whitt: “Nope!” Elena: “Phew. Oh! Okay, then YEAH!”


So there you have it, documented memories of sunny days gone by. These quote boards will be posted in a fancy museum somewhere in El Cajon, California--next to some painting of a cactus or something, painted by a Mexican farmer--where it all went down, someday. And the names above are all the contributing artists. Farewell, San Diego. I’d say “stay classy San Diego” but that would awfully cliché’, wouldn’t you say, Dr. Seuss.

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