I got the dogs in the car. dinner with friends, my dog alerting us to a raccoon up a tree with a half hour of whining between dinner and dessert. Your headlight's out my friend said. The big one on the left.

Oh great I thought. Here I am in Oceanside early evening- during the past three hours I've had a glass or two of wine with a heavy dinner of dos tacos and dos pork tamales, plus dessert. I'm not petite , so most likely under the limit, but a burnt out headlamp is not a positive thing driving home.

I passed one police car but he didn't turn around, made it home safely and pulled in my garage alley- spotting my neighbors with kids around the portable fire pit with cocktails. Your lights out, one of them said, I'll help you replace it in the morning. Thanks!

How nice of him I thought. This is happening more and more frequently since I passed the 60 mark on my timeline. and I'm letting them do it. I still haven't given in to the "Do you need help getting the groceries out to the car." I should just say yes , strutting a few steps ahead, and let them wait on me.

This morning I got ready to go out, shopping list in hand, sitting in the car in the garage, looking in my cars manual to see if it would show me how to replace the bulb- or at least tell me which one to buy. I spotted the Thomas guide tucked in the alcove on the passenger side- recycle time I thought- no one uses those things anymore. I hopped out and dumped it in the blue bin.

I unhooked the hood and was peering inside trying to figure out how to remove the fixture when my neighbors from the night before pulled in, decorated in their Easter best. I waved and yelled can you help me get this out? I as he headed into the back yard, he hesitated then waved.

I realized they weren't coming home, just passing through so I yelled "I got it" so he wouldn't get dirty, he tried to pry the lamp out but it wouldn't budge- go on, I said, I'll have the car guy help me- they waved and pulled away.

I drove south on the 5 to Autozone in Leucadia, they have everything and are always helpful. I walked in with my manual, and the manager walked out with me to see if he could get it out. he showed me how to pop the tab after running back in to get a screwdriver.

I followed him back inside, paid and then he walked back out and installed it explaining I had removed it the hard way- just pull the wires first he said.

You're my hero- I said, happy Easter! he smiled and waved and headed back inside. turn the light off he yelled s I pulled out of the lot. Oops.


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