Went to the office a couple days last week. I've been telecommuting mostly, calms me down, makes me healthier. So when I do go in, and take the train, I do my walk through the couple of blocks near Old Town - the back gate of Rosecrans.

It's been so humid I've been wearing dresses when I have to be seen in public. Last week, one of the homeless gals complimented me on my dress as I passed. Nice.

Yesterday I saw my friend the musician/tall ship artist. Some guy in a car heading in the other direction had his radio up full blast, all the windows open, arm hanging out the door, low riding. Under the "Bridge with a Mural' with the freeway sounds above, the cavernous space was like a disco. I was approaching the roller gate to the storage place, and my friend whose name I do not know, had just headed inside.

I stopped and began to dance in place, and he started yelling the name of the band at the guy in the car and singing along. We both laughed, flashed the peace sign, and went on with our day.

It's those tiny moments that make all the rest worth while. I haven't been writing. Today I committed to get back to it, it does bring me joy, and that's much more important than worrying about what tomorrow may bring, or really worrying at all.


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