Two weeks ago the magazine ninjas who charge random credit cards hit one of my debit cards at the credit union. That and the auto renew function on my audible book account caused those "transfer" charges from my savings account to completely wipe out the balance in both. Thank goodness I figured that out before I went into the market. I was so freaked out that I immediately drove home instead of doing groceries. I had calmed down by that time, got all the charges reversed, and cancelled that debit card, and they said I'd get a new card in a couple days.

Then I discovered on Friday that I had "misplaced " my driver's licence and one of my debit cards. I remember when i last touched them. It was Wednesday, after I did my dog and pony show for new employees and had to go to another location to do an interview. I tried to put my little zippered purse in the bottom of the camera bag, but then the camera wouldn't fit. (I take a rolling backpack to work and didn't want to haul it up the stairs at the interview location). So i remember taking out those two items, and putting them somewhere, and I was on my way. Then back in the office I vaguely remember tossing them back into the zippered purse, and tossing it somewhere.

A little more backstory. My house flooded in October, and I've been dealing with drywall guys, painters and now my floor installers (actually he is a friend too and my handyman), but I've been living out of my garage, where all my clothes and furniture and everything has resided since the flood. Now that some of the floor covering is in, i think that my mind has decided to give up the fight to be positive, and is rapidly deteriorating.

Of course i was "out to dinner" with friends when I discovered the debit and drivers license gone missing story, but had "credit" to recover gracefully. Oh boy.

So on Saturday morning I drove down to work to check out the work van, and the camera case in my office, but no luck. I didn't look closely under my desk, or in all the drawers, and I was looking for the zippered purse, not the two cards, so I'm thinking they'll turn up next week. Once I figured that out I called a co worker to double check the camera case for the cards, but he said nope. Just in case, I went to my bank and cancelled that card. I'm supposed to get a new one next week, and I do have my passport and checkbook, so I should be oK on that side.

I drove up to the DMV in Oceanside which I thought was open on Saturdays, but this is a new year, and maybe they are furloughed, so of course they weren't open, and on the state's website on my phone it looked really complicated to replace something that most likely I have just misplaced. Then i had to go to the credit union to assign a new passcode to the magazine ninja debit card replacement, and at the same time the do it yourself dog wash called to say my dog was ready in solana beach. Made it to the credit union, picked up the dog, and went to lunch since I hadn't eaten anything and it was close to 2:00pm by then.

Then I get up this morning and can't find my car keys. And the housekeys that are on the same keyring. OK, I paid bills last night, emptied out the backback, repacked my purse with my passport just in case I get stopped by the cops before I find the bloody license. I tore the house apart- or rather looked on top of, under and behind my kitchen cabinets missing the baseboards. Nothing. I unrolled part of the old carpet rolled up in my garage until the final insurance payment comes through. Nope. Went through the recycle bin, the trash bin, and the top of the dog poop bin. Went through the laundry basket where my underwear lives until my dresser makes it back into the house, nada. went through the frame to the spare room bed which houses my sheets and pillowcases until the flooring is in. Not there either. Got the picker tool out and found some socks and one pair of underwear behind the washer. Checked the pockets of all the coats, vests, pants in the garage, and the ones I'd moved in the house.

Got the spare key out and went to the market. Came home and repeated the house search, adding the four doors and the back door on my SUV and the mailbox up the street. Both dogs looking at me expectantly to take the leashes off, as I lean over I see the keys laying there on the ground. The ones I couldn't find. Eeek.

I am totally disfunctional with this extended chaos caused by the flood. I don't think I can handle much more of things not being where they should be, upsetting my habits and routines. I accept that, but that doesn't do me much good at this moment, except that realizing it has caused me to just sit back and blog-a-bit, to let some of it go.


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