So what. I already missed a day without a post. It's a process. I have a closet, or rather a garage full of excuses.
The most impressive of which is It is cold. I know, not much of an excuse, not a rationalization at all, just a fact. A fact I'm milking.

Holiday weeks at work are always long psychologically, even though short in reality- well, maybe not reality, maybe just on the calendar on my desk, and on my phone these days .
The hours themselves go fast, but it sure seems like short work weeks have more days than regular work weeks.

I'm not Jessica Simpson,and I'm not pregnant but I am, and have been a weight watchers lifetime member not at goal. I won't bother to explain what that is, it isn't that interesting. What this program does for me is reminds me that I need to move more than I eat. and drink.

I'm wearing this electronic thing around my neck on a pair of shoelaces tied together. It measures my daily activity level. It monitored my movements for 8 days then it gave me a 3 month goal to increase my movement.I don't have that far to go, but i've definitely taking the scenic route. I love food and wine too much to take it too seriously.

Anyway the WW Active Link is pretty trick. I wear it from the time i wake up until i go to sleep, and then plug it into my computer with its little usb port. It tells me if I did good as far as activity, and I'm meeting my daily goals when i don't telecommute, so I've got to figure out how to move more at the computer when i'm at home.

The kinda wierd thing is that it looks like one of those "i've fallen but I can't get up" alert button things. It is about the same size, and unless you can read the tiny writing on it, passersby could think i'm old and fragile.

Boy are they wrong. On both counts. one two three more.


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