First thing's first, does anyone know how to change the title of my blog? It was originally called "My Little Corner of Mira Mesa" but now it's "teh_darkcloud" and I don't know where to edit it.

Second of all...

A lot has been going on in my life since I last wrote here. I graduated from MMHS about three and a half weeks ago. Our field was getting redone so we had to have our graduation ceremony at the Jenny Craig Pavillion at USD.

I've been trying to get involved in the community a bit more, I've joined Mira Mesa HEROES - a local nonprofit group led by Mr. Mike Davis; we do community service around town. I've helped paint those green electrical/telephone boxes along Mira Mesa Blvd and I've helped paint Mark Twain High and Walker Elementary ( the elementary school I went to) is a lot more active now with regular postings from Mark Smith and Doug Dillard.

I do want to get even more involved in our town by joining the Mira Mesa Town Council (as I've been telling myself for maybe three years now) but I joined the Navy and I'll be shipping out within a few months. (Though, I don't know exactly. I'm still getting my new contract in order for the nuclear propulsion program.).

I don't think I mentioned this in my past posts but I finally learned how to ride a bicycle last summer, I went on a few pretty great uh... "adventures" let's call it. (I think I may still have a scar.) A friend of mine is willing to sell me his bike for 20 bucks so I'm hoping to still go on a few rides before I ship out to boot camp.

Oh, and one last thing (I know I'm all over the place here)... It's that time of year again:

(And by the way, there is a Facebook group for Mira Mesa now. Whoever commented about Alpha Beta before, I know what you mean now. Judging from the forum posts and comments it seems like Mira Mesa was a pretty cool place to grow up in in the 80s.)

Now if you'll excuse me, it's an excellent day outside. I think I'll go walk to the library. :) (...and possibly go job hunting since I'm unsure of my ship date I'll probably be taking classes at Miramar in the meantime and I need a way to pay for it.)


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