Forgot I had already eaten breakfast when I stopped at Rudy's tacos. Bought 6 burritos (one for me, five to surprise some co-workers who were on the clock today, working outdoors). Wasn't until I got home that I remembered I'd already eaten so I cut the bean and cheese delight in half to make myself feel better and halve the weight watchers points I'd have to claim.

Love my Keurig coffee machine. Buy cases of K-cups from coffee for Heated up some fat free milk and frothed it up with the cool metal frother that I bought up in Napa a few years ago at the JAZZ FESTIVAL. Moved some stuff around on the counters, ditched the useless color coded cutting sheets that were supposed to be a healthy replacement for cutting boards. Slipped into a big box store (i will never admit to walking in the front door) and bought 4 small ones that i can throw in the dishwasher. Already figured out they were all too small, or I need to cut my portions down.

Productive day. Moved a few prints/paintings back into the house. The biggest move was bringing mirrors. Put shelf liner under the sinks in the master and restocked them from the garage. Vacuumed. Put my office back together on Sunday. Gave the grafted mulberry a hair cut, then cut all the fallen branches into 12 inch lengths and tossed them into the green recycle bin, moved some towells into the bedroom, folded some sheets. Hopefully I'll have floor coverings installed by next weekend, and can move my clothes back into the house from the garage. (House flooded in October, just finished drywall repair and painting- yeah!)

Watched a few minutes of the Rose Parade. Memories of high school days, float glue, chrysanthemum petals, staying out overnight, kissing boys, freezing, looking for a bathroom. It's so flashy now, companies and cities spending a fortune on the floats, on the design, on the flowers. I appreciate it from the comfort of my heated home much much more than sitting in some bleachers in Pasadena overflowing with thousands of cheerful wholesome strangers.

Watched a bit of TV, a little Dr. Oz, a little Dr. Phil, a little People's Court. Watched two movies this weekend "Beasts of the Southern Wild" and "The Words". Enjoyed them both.

Got so many Christmas cards. Got so many New Years wishes from Italy, France, Morroco, Sydney, Melbourne, Corowa, Zambia, Hawaii, Portland and so many other friends. I'm going to have to sit down and write a belated letter to those friends not yet internet saavy. I'd rather just visit. I like to write, but not necessarily about me. My observations of life yes, but what I'm up to, not so much.

Caught up with friend's postings on FB. Looks like everyone is calm and content. Thank heavens the election is over and the anger has subsided a bit. Now just have to watch the gun comments- not so many in my friend list, but the few there are are vocal. Simmer I don't mind- every one has a right to an opinion, but too much on my page gets you hidden.

Not a resolution, but a commitment to write something each day. I may bore the hell out of most people but that's not an issue for me:) I've always considered myself a total entertainment center.


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