So success!. I've been attempting, since may, to connect to my friend jamila in Marrakech on FaceTime. We were both so excited this morning at Encinitas cafe when we were able to see each other- but the sound was iffy, so now I'm wondering if a Bluetooth device would help? Anyone?

With the different carriers, inet wifi specs and time difference, it has taken all this time , but it worked! Even the "genius" wasn't sure what to do- I guess it depends on the personality of the genius you end up with. so Jamila is getting an award for a documentary in Italy, and has published a book. her office is almost remodeled despite the "lazy man who doesn't like taking direction from a woman" Moroccan contractor.

I'm finishing up my strawberry waffle with sugar free syrup and a tiny bit of whipped cream on the side. It was so good it disappeared quickly- the strawberries were perfect and fresh! My tummy and my disposition are elated and it's only 845am.

I need to call my friend who broke her knee or her leg- and she waitresses so she can't work till she can walk. It's been a week since I heard about it, but it keeps slipping away. and my 96 year old aunt up in Sacramento.

yesterday, or rather Thursday I got my health mex chicken burrito at rubios - my second favorite after the cheesy bean burrito, and the cashier- young enough to be my daughter ( or grand daughter if I'm honest) called me sweetie.

I think there are people pre disposed at birth to be working in customer service, and those on their feet in a cafe are an even rarer breed- along with flight attendants. to continue to stand and serve with a smile year after year is awesome- and definitely not me in my current incarnation.

I'm just thinking now that at least servers get tips - where flight attendants get colds, usually have to travel just to start their day, only get paid in the air, and get no tips. They are like a waitress or waiter and a nurse and more. yeah the get to fly free, to exotic locales, but they pay dearly with their physical and mental health for that perk.

I think today I'll declare thank everyone who serves others day- the cashier at the gas station, the guy at the costco fuel station, my server at breakfast, the guys who landscape my community, and more, F I think this will be a good day. time to walk the dogs! Oh, and remember to send $50 to Dave Roberts campaign


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