I live in a planned community up the coast. We have a gate, but only to slow bad guys down, doesn't keep them out. All the homes are detached which means not connected, but they are pretty darned close together. Me, I'm lucky. My home faces the street not the back of someone else's house. My garage is off the alley, it is attached but you don't have to look at it unless you turn in.

It's an older community, mid 80s. You know that cape cod even though it's on the west coast style. Kinda homey. A new board gets elected each year. Our homeowners fees are less than a Starbucks a day, and they are volunteers although we have a management company to collect the tolls and pay the Edwardo scissor hand guys. There is a pool and a jacuzzi. Never been in either one- although I've lived here since 99. don't care for the jacuzzi crowd, and don't like to get my hair wet.

We've had some wacky characters on the board over the years. And the well intentioned but misguided. They want to "update" our cc&rs. If you don't know what the heck that is, bless you and I hope you never do. I've already put my ballot in the mail- not approved. The new rule I object to gives the board the right to determine if a pet is a nuisance. Of course they mean dogs. Not cats or birds or out of control teenagers. Not moms who drink while their toddlers run in the street, not the couple acrross the path who haven't painted since they moved in after a father passed away- and dad never painted either. Not the narcissistic guy who owns the house across the street by the hour or the day, and won't let his tenants park in his driveway or the garage- but in front of my house.

some anonymous person tucked a note on my front door. Unsigned, because they say they don't have time for the phone calls this closet activist is trying to incite. This guy has 10 reasons to disapprove listed, although he's used the big brother rationale repeatedly to disguise his true intent. Hmmm, why do I know it's a guy. Psychic I guess.

I'm glad this current controversy is not going to rank as any sort of major event in my life, I'm not going to obsess about it, I've already submitted my opinion. lots of bored lonely people in developments like this one. Thank god I'm not one of them.


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