I hate sitting in the front row. Actually I really hate anyone sitting behind me. Ever. I also hate sitting in the same place in the same meeting week after week , month after month. I try to switch up parking spots at the train station, I choose a different mat at feldenkreis periodically, but always near the escape route.

I usually meet people "somewhere" instead of riding with them, and having my travel restricted. On the train I sit depending on how far I feel like lugging my backpack, or who is sitting nearby. Is it a loud talker, a sleeper, a reader, a cell phone idiot who isn't aware he is the only one disturbing the calm.

Holiday shopping, swap meets, concerts, Ikea - I avoid. Crowds make me fidgety, lines/queues make me impatient, bored, small talk with strangers usually bores me, not always, but sometimes.

Training sessions drive me insane. First wasting time in introductions, ice breakers, the wasting time on breaks, long breaks - after games for gods sake. I hate sitting in close quarters with someone who is fidgety. One of my regular commuting companions, a world traveler like me, usually has the strap of his backpack twined around his arm while he dozes. Today he doesn't. I'm assuming he now trusts me enough not to run off with whatever is in his bag. I've never really considered what that might be. Believe it or not we've discussed this, because I do the same thing. Ever since I watched pickpockets in the Rome train station in the middle of the night in 1981. Is it weird I can date my habits?

I am very aware of my body language when I'm in those sorts of situations. I've sat across from fidgety guys who always seem to fidget around the zippers of their jeans. Creepy, subconscious voyeurs. I have to watch myself, try to be quiet, make one trip into my backpack for my iPad, my phones, my glasses to get them out, and one trip back in near the destination. Whenever I do it more than that it makes me crazy, and I believe it bothers everyone around me as much as it does me.

The hair twirlers, where does that come from, does it replace thumb sucking or pacifiers, did they see someone in a movie do it and thought it looked charming? I guess it is more socially acceptable than nail biting these days. Haven't seen anyone do that for a while now. Same with the women putting on makeup or getting on the train with rollers in their hair. Was it the hundreds of rolling eyes day after day that finally penetrated their self absorption?

None of this really drives me insane or bores me. I love watching people, their quirks, their tics, their OCD behaviors. We are all weird birds really, aren't we. for the most part I am content and calm, particularly if I take my meds. (lol)


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