i'm ready for the day- whatever comes my way. breakfast- yes - cup of oatmeal with an apple chopped up- microwaveable. snack- yes- yogurt, blackberries, Kashi twigs and almonds. makeup, brush, band aids , lip gloss, water, thermos of coffee, iPad, ear buds, phones, glasses, wallet, cash, coffee cup sleeves, the 2 containers from yesterday's lunch I was too lazy to pull out, and some doggy bags found in various outer ware from previous walks.

today there's even a handbag to use for a Xmas lunch instead of filling up my coat pockets or dumping out and using my daggy makeup bag. I seldom put makeup on after I leave the house in the morning., but I've got it just in case- beano, toothbrush, sample sized toothpaste, visine, allergy pills, pens, Bluetooth headset unused.

A fellow Coaster chick walks up, full makeup, no tennis shoes, or oversized jacket- no backpack. instead hair perfect, leather jacket, new jean trousers and sunglasses. "You're dressed up today, look nice" I say. "work Xmas party, didn't want to haul my stuff around, you know. OMG. Had to put on my makeup at home! (instead of in transit) I hate that!" she said.

A guy I worked with used to ride the train. the makeup sessions on the Coaster drove him insane. one day he'd had enough, and took off his shoes and socks and started clipping his toenails. everyone around him stole furtive looks- not quite believing what they were seeing. he finished up, the aisles full of nasty toenail bits, and looked at everyone around him and said " if she can spend 45 minutes sitting in front of me putting on her face, I can clip my nose hair, clip my toenails or empty the fuzz out of my belly button"

the kids are hauling backpacks that weigh more than they do. every other adult has a laptop or a net book, or a kindle or an iPad. the attorneys carry raggedy briefcases the most likely got when they passed the bar. One nicely dressed guy reads the bible, others reading work papers, checking email, talking on a cell, hauling treats to the office or balloons home. A young girl with a pink bakery box just got off at Sorrento Valley. Doughnuts? muffins? cookies? fudge? it's that time of year.

A boat yard, Sea Urchin, Double Hookup- hidden trackside in the valley behind a chain link fence.

almost there, socks, tall boots, leggings, winter silk cami, wool dress, sparkly wool scarf around the neck of my girl on the go-Eddie Bauer long trench, REI gloves and my coffee. yes ready for the day, but gotta get rid of some of this stuff I'm hauling around. let it go.

the talkers at one end of the car, a little irritating but they are having so much fun it's hard to criticize them. and they are nice, and inclusive, and drink together at least once a week before heading home. older gents who volunteer talk so loud it's easy to understand every word, and once in a while someone (not only kids) playing an obnoxious game that dings and beeps and constantly distracts.

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richzombie Dec. 10, 2011 @ 7 a.m.

enjoyed your story ...i rode the trolley 1-2 times weekly to visit carlsbad office which was great because i was getting paid while in transit but even though i had the best intentions i did very little work on the coaster - i actually just stared out the window ...but did check out the fellow coaster folks as you do . and YES i am lugging too much around also - i'm a dude and my backpack which is really a purse / handbag / briefcase is going to be downsized before new years - but then i really will have a purse / handbag - oh well !


nan shartel Dec. 10, 2011 @ 10:59 a.m.

love yr work tall sharon...good one

snapshot of the coaster ride...fun ;-D)


Tallsharon Dec. 10, 2011 @ 2:44 p.m.

thanks rich zombie and nan. i appreciate your support. i sure wish i could figure out the photo thing on this blog. Maybe because i'm doing in on a netbook. anyway, thanks so much! happy holidays, whatever you celebrate, or not!


Ruth Newell Dec. 11, 2011 @ 6:19 a.m.

Like this...Beano, too funny...and the toe nail clipper--hysterical!


nan shartel Dec. 11, 2011 @ 12:25 p.m.

the blog editor has an upload picture link at the top (it's a red link)

go to it and fetch a pic...then hit upload...it will upload into the blog ur writing...usually at the bottom

then u can copy and paste it anywhere u want into the blog

Merry Christmas hun!!


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