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Jimmy's used to people like me, wild eyed, tickets in hand, minutes to go before the train hauls out.

Catching the Coaster. Still got to navigate that God-awful ticket machine to get the Coaster add-on to my Compass Card. But first things first.


So I'm here at the Silver Streak Cafe inside the Santa Fe Depot's concourse (at Kettner and Broadway, downtown), desperate for the black stuff.


Silver Streak Cafe


Jimmy's look says, "Take a deep breath, think yoga, remember why you're standing here."



They have tables and chairs here in the concourse, but who has time for that? I ask for a coffee ($1.50), and -- what the heck -- I grab the nearest pastry. It's a cinnamon roll ($3). Shameless, but I figure the running I'll do today, we'll burn this off no time at all.

This is about 7:40 a.m. Halfway through Jimmy's day. He opens up at 5:30.

"Over there, by the window," he says. He can see me looking wildly around for the sweeteners, stirrers, milk.

"Do you get a lot like me?" I ask.

"I get a lot like you."


What $4.50 buys: coffee, cinnamon roll


Rolling up Rose Canyon

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Visduh Oct. 27, 2011 @ 11:35 a.m.

At least your coffee and pastry are welcome on the Coaster. On the Trolley, there's no eating or drinking permitted. That we still use that depot, and for its original purpose (trains) is amazing. Most cities have razed their train stations, and of the few that still have them, many have been converted to other uses.


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