Try being in our shoes before you judge all of us; we are not all like that. Most of the homeless you see are just the top layer of those that are really out here. those who are in the shadows and the safe spots and that are truly trying to get themselves off the streets that don’t dig into trashcans or do drugs or drink or steal or cause trouble are the ones that you don’t see that are out on the streets because of misfortune for some reason or another. Some lost their jobs some got robbed while their on vacation. Some get kicked out of their homes when they lose their jobs and have no were else to go. WE may look dirty and trashy sometimes but you try getting new clothes with no money or try taking a shower when you don’t have a shower to use every day, or going with out food for a day or two because there was no kind person to drop you off some left over food they had for dinner or lunch or the shelter stopped serving before you could get there in time. When you have everything in front of you that you want and need it’s hard to see the true picture of knowing what its like to be homeless. I lost site of God and my friends, and family because I never thought about one thing, what would it be like if I lost everything today not in an hour or a week but at that very second, were would I go what would I do, how would I eat were would I sleep how am I going to survive. Now that i've ended up on the streets i’ve gotten that question answered but it shouldn’t take becoming homeless to answer that question. The answer to that question is god and compassion. When you see someone on the side of the road or someone holding a sign asking for money for food or someone that’s tired and cant go no further or even just a neighbor or friend in need of help, put your hand out there and do everything you can to help them getting themselves out of that situation because it will come back on you and you will see a change in your life and the homeless problem will start to disappear. Because with out a helping hand the problems will never go away because we feel that were nothing when we feel that no one cares. If you truly want to make a statement about the homeless make sure your for sure that you truly know what your talking about if you haven’t been homeless than you cant say anything about how we really are or who we are.

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