Saint Vincent de Paul’s in San Diego CA, a place of help and comfort or a place of hell and, pocket bank. I am a homeless male and I am 26 years old I have been on the streets since October of 08 I will say that I am not perfect no one is and I have made some bad decisions in my life and I know I’m responsible for all that I do. I have a fiancé that is in SVDP and I have been trying to get into SVDP myself but the system that this place is running off of is ridiculous, when your on their number list it never goes in the order it should, some days your almost at the top of the list to get in and other times your right back at the bottom so your waiting for months and months to get in and hope that one of those days you check in will be the day you finally get in. This place used to be a place for homeless do get shelter and get help to get off the streets, the people that worked here had compassion and care for the homeless to do what ever they could to help them achieve their goal. Over time this place has changed and for the amount of money that comes into this place from the city and donations, it doesn’t seem to me that it’s being used for the reason it was given. If the money that was given to this place was being used for the homeless, the food that we are eating would be a lot better and would be cooked right, we would have better mattresses and we would not be getting bit by bugs and spiders and the air vents would be cleaned so people would stop getting sick. New buildings go up to give people coming out of the so called program a place to stay but its still not helping those that are not there yet. I see people that I know and don’t know getting kicked out of the program for the dumbest things. Instead of using the resources that SVDP offer’s to help those people out, they decide its better to kick them out. The rule book they have is even more ridiculous. The rule book states so many rules that need to be followed that pretty much take away a lot of your rights as a human being. Since the day father Joe gave up the control of this place it’s gone down hill. Most of the security and staff that work here have lost site of what they came here for , instead all they look at this place as , is a job that pays their bills and that’s it and they don’t care how they act towards the homeless. WE are human we are people we are men, women and children we are apart of this world we are apart of what keeps this city and country going, Why do we get treated so wrong by the police and the people of this city. We are the same as you are, we just made some wrong decisions and need help making it right and getting back on our feet to be were we need to be.

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voiceofthehomeless Aug. 19, 2009 @ 10 a.m.

please if you feel that you would like to have a voice in this situation please feel free to help me out and do what you can to spread this information. the homeless are being mistreated to the fullest and need all the help we can get.


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