Peoples opinons on what its like to be a new mom differ from night and day. Some people really love it (THATS ME!) and some people are not so into it. While I can understand the other aspect of it like the mom feeling disconnected from her child or feeling overwhelmed at the pressure that being a new mom entitles, I swear none of that matters once you see your beautiful creations face. When I first saw my daughter I didnt cry or smile or laugh the doctor showed me her and I just stared at her and she just stared at me and it was like we were challenging eachother to see who would look away first. She had the cutest confused look on her face like who are you crazy lady and why are you staring me down. She didnt cry at all she just stared and I stared back and each mili second that past by I was falling in love with a little being that me and my love had created. I was preparing myself for hard times because you always see on the t.v mothers stressed out because there babies cry too much but my baby was so far away from that catagory its intense. LITERALLY all she does all day is smile and try to figure out how things work. Still I cant deny that I didnt get the post partum blues. Im not as financially stable as I would like to be and it hurts my soul that im not where im supposed to be but just one smile from that little girl erases everything. If you ever doubt there is a god you look at your child and you know that god blessed you with a little angel from heaven. I thank god for her every single day. I have the feeling she is blessed little baby put on this earth to bring happiness to all. Especially considering I had a horrible pregnancy and labor god blessed my hard work with a beautiful intelligent healthy little girl. SHE IS MY ROCK, SHE IS MY WORLD. Whether I am someone or not in general life doesnt matter anymore because im already a star in her world and thats all that matters.

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