Hi All...I'm Rhonda..very pleased to "meet" you or should it be the other way around?..You're pleased to "meet" me, I hope. I've decided to create a blog..my own 'personal' diary that I'm going to share with the world. I guess it wont be a new thing considering I have Facebook and MySpace and possibly some other social network I am unaware of..hoping I wasn't a victim of stolen identity. Here it goes. Me from beginning to present in 10 sentences or less..or your money back guaranteed I'm from San Diego born and partially raised. I moved to South Lake Tahoe when I was just entering my teen years. My move helped define who I am today. I was forced to be social and labeled. I found my path by making mistakes, often repeating them and learning for a second time and so on. (I'm sure we share we all share the same disease 3rd times the charm). I may have been rebellious but I was always prime with my academics. I'm a smart ass with added sarcasm, I have to stay on top of my game if I'm going to play the part. After high school, I moved to San Diego and enrolled into college graduated with my degree in Computer Science. After college I landed a job at a tech company..for whom I still work for. Now here I am, my life straight and sometimes veering to the left where there is a huge sign stating Do Not Enter...but I go anyway. Be prepared to enter the events that have happened and that are going to happen in my life. I promise Ill keep it interesting and true. Cheers.


CuddleFish Feb. 24, 2010 @ 11:39 a.m.

Welcome, look forward to reading your essays. :)


Jay Allen Sanford Feb. 25, 2010 @ 12:13 p.m.

Sounds good, strong start, and I'll look for more from this blog - hopefully with some paragraph breaks.


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