Noone said anything. Osvaldo Merino's number one withdrew a magnifying glass from his breast pocket and examined the dis-inflated soccer ball closely saying

"It's apparently a case for CSI Buenos Aires."

Mando did not crack a smile, but when he heard that, he knew it would be okay. It didn't matter. They could take him in, if they wanted. Things worked out or they didn't. It was one's mind, one's determination that created the actual circumstances of the reality that one encountered himself in. Attitude, disposition, framework of mind, call it what you wish, but it's from one's mind that reality springs forth.

Mando didn't need anyone brainwashing him, or selling him some happy tale or anything else.


Mando was well trained.

Osvaldo Merino noticed Mando's demeanor, and said to him

"A word with you on the balcony."

Mando gave a significant look to Kenny and Amy as he followed Osvaldo out the luxurious french doors to the balcony, along the lines of

'Don't snitch.'

Out on the balcony, Osvaldo Merino said

"My understanding is that Tino Escudero has left these two young individuals in your charge. Where he is at the moment, I don't know, but I know Tino very well.

Very well.

I have an operation, to catch a human smuggler from Europe, who has been seen in Uruguay, and I have a hunch will be in Buenos Aires. He's a very bad man. He doesn't care how old the human beings he kidnaps and enslaves are, he doesn't care what depraved things his clients do to the children he steals and sells. He's on Interpol's most wanted list."

"What makes you think he'll be in Buenos Aires?" asked Mando.

"I'm ashamed to say it, but he's a soccer nut, and Boca Juniors is his team. That's just another reason why I'm going to arrest him, and put him away for life


I find out everything he knows."

"You think he's going to sneak across the River Plate to watch Boca Juniors play?" said Mando incredulously.

"Yes, and the profilers confirm that it would be in form. We have confirmed sighting of him in Uruguay." replied Osvaldo Merino, leaning over the railing of the balcony, for emphasis.

"If it's confirmed, why was he not arrested there?" asked Mando.

"An informant reported it after the fact, as he was able."

"What does all of this have to do with me?" asked Mando.

"People are very interested in your charges. I propose all of us attend the Boca game. It's a good op. You've been shutting in the young charges for two days now, why not? They'll be perfectly save."

"Tino entrusted them to me, until he and Senora Clifton return. I've already had one incident in the disco tech. My preference is to avoid further incidents." said Mando.

"But this could bring us luck!" snapped Osvaldo Merino.

"What are you talking about?"

"That kid is desired by the CIA, there's something about him. He could bring us luck. And if he doesn't, at least he gets to see a great soccer game. If God wills, we bust the objective. Tino will be delighted, I assure you, and there will be no danger to the youngsters."

Santana 'She's Not There':

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