The Buzos next door thumped on the wall, signaling to Mando


Amy and Kenny looked at Mando balefully, indicating to him that he was losing a little bit of their support, and the where point came in handy for him, because honestly, he didn't know these kids from the other side. He was willing to take a social cue, but didn't want to give one. Mando was a doer, not a talker.

Mando strode to the door of the fine hotel room, and said

"Quien?" (Who?)

"Buenos Aires Police Department." came the reply, in very good English.

Mando opened the door. There stood Osvaldo Merino, with his number one, a regular Doctor Watson. Both were Buenos Aires police detectives, detached to the Halcones 'Super Swat' unit. Both wore black suits, and both showed their badges and identification to Mando.

"Que quieres?" (What do you want?) asked Mando.

Osvaldo's number one said

"We have a report of an explosion. May we come in?"

Osvaldo looked narrowly at Mando, saying nothing. Mando understood the look completely. It signified 'My assistant is smarter than you, and you better let us in, because I want to talk to you.'

Mando said

"Of course." then turned from the door, and strode back into the room.

The Halcones followed him in and observed Amy and Kenny in a corner of the large hotel room, looking at them with concern.

Osvaldo's number one said

"Who are these two young people?"

"They're my charges." replied Mando.

The number one began looking around. He saw the disinflated soccer ball on the floor. He picked it up, examined it, and said

"What is the meaning of this?"

Santana Live in Paris 'Somewhere in Heaven'

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