Mando thought to himself, 'all of this sounds absolutely bizarre. Just bizarre enough to be true.'

He said

"How do you propose to assure the safety of my charges?"

Buenos Aires Police detective Osvaldo Merino replied

"They'll never be in any danger to begin with. Listen, my Halcones are going to dress in riot gear and patrol the perimeter of the soccer game, just as if they were any other cop. In their helmets, behind their visors, they'll have cameras, scanning the spectators, looking for 'El Gordo.' He weighs about 300 pounds, he can only disguise himself so well.

"The video feeds will be going to headquarters, where we have over twenty observers. The Halcones scan, the observers detect. We believe that only twenty to fifty spectators will have the dimensions of 'El Gordo.' Once these spectators are identified, it's a simple process of elimination."

"Where will you be?" asked Mando.

"Field level, mingling, and observing. So will the kids, so will you. We're all going to be on field level, and we'll ride in through the stadium tunnel in a police van. Noone's going to be the wiser, I promise you."

"Do you have passes that I can give to the kids to make me look good?" asked Mando.

Osvaldo Merino grimaced, and withdrew the field level access passes from his breast pocket. He wanted to be the good guy, it would have made him Santa Claus to young Amy and Kenny. Osvaldo Merino intended to get on Kenny Clifton's good side, believe that. Mando was supposed to play the bad guy, but he wasn't going for it.

Mando took the field level passes and examined them- Boca Jrs. vs Huracan.

Excellent. It was time to catch a man worse than almost any other category of criminal- a human enslaver. When Mando took the field passes, he looked in Osvaldo Merino's eyes,and knew that the man was completely serious, and completely intent on arresting 'El Gordo.'

And Mando knew that if you don't go after something, you'll never get it. He could almost feel the visceral hatred that Detective Merino possessed for the likes of such a man so bad that he made other law breakers look good by comparison.

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