According to SignOnSanDiego, the U-T's addy little site, the Imperial Beach Pier this next August will be getting a $1.2 million facelift to replace "bumpy" planks, missing struts, and the sewer line running beneath it, one that apparently leaks right on the heads of the surfers, who apparently don't care.

The facelift is very welcome news. The Pier is a pretty special place to me, as anyone who has popped by my blogsite ( knows; it is a beautiful, regal structure, one I'm not so sure the good residents of Imperial Beach deserve. Three weeks ago I wrote the San Diego Port Authority the following missive:

To whom it may concern:

In the past two weeks on the Imperial Beach Pier, I have:

  1. Almost been hooked six separate times by overhead-casting fisherman, in direct posted violation;

  2. Witnessed drug deals behind the restaurant at Pier's end;

  3. Witnessed acts of harassment by skinheads against Hispanic youth;

  4. Witnessed countless fishermen and tourists smoking (and tossing the butts over the rail); riding bicycles on the Pier; walking their dogs on it; throwing trash on and over it

I've been told that this agency is the one that oversees the maintenance and all administrative details concerning both the Pier and the Pier Plaza Park, that you are the agency to contact for complaints.

As a concerned citizen, I want to see these violations addressed; I want to see the violators ticketed and fined. I have a right to feel unthreatened while walking on the Pier; I want to see it respected, not treated as a drug-selling center or a place where ordinary citizens like me aren't worried about being hooked by ignorant, law-breaking fishermen.


SM Montaigne

The individual who contacted me from that agency was very nice, but told me the matter would be best dealt with by contacting the sheriff's department (motto: We'll Get There When We Damn Well Feel Like It), who would then file a report or some such, where the matter could be, most expeditiously, forgotten.

And so it goes.

One hopes that with the facelift comes better and more thorough law enforcement, both on the Pier proper and around Pier Park Plaza, which sees no end of chicanery, some of which I've personally been a victim of.

Would that be asking too much?



smuggg Nov. 27, 2008 @ 8:27 a.m.

You are absolutely accurate, while a face lift is needed enforecment of the rules and regs is a must!!


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