you've been out on the range too long cowboy

come to my campfire and get warm

your life has consisted of vast horizons

not focusing on small sometimes

if you find this note tied to a tumbleweed rolling

you may travel on if you must

but my heart's inclined to trust

that your fatigue and curiosity will help you find me

i get lonely out here my girl where weather's cold and lean

the wildness inside me can be tamed it seems

I know you're freedom ride is fully weaned

your note is clearly on my mind

wandering from dawn to dusk

i will enter your circle for respite I must

drawn by the scent of your fire and womanly musk

they call powerfully to strip the wild husk

your wildness to the unspoken flame

my campfire needs we can proclaim

two equals ready for the long ride ahead

my arms 'round your waist

feeling you breathing and loving that best

so follow my lead at my longings behest

to the snug blanket i seductively give

my hope is you won't mind the dust

a long journey to find your welcome fire

i'm compelled to be on this lovers trail

you entwine my soul before your gale

as i am as you are all that's needed

my hungry starving for your arms entreating

into your love embracing warmth sliding

our dancing shining eyes reflecting the fire

as we discern our urgent wild desire

my discernment is heightened

with each new plighted message sent

and i know our deep sad souls laments

your love of Prairie shadows follows close behind

i hope you can out distance it

jab your spurs harsh into your horse's flanks

set free his eager hooves and part the waving grain

this task so eloquent will pale an eagle's airy pranks

and find me sweetened with honeyed strains

your hunger fuels my fiery chest

your willing nature is my desired feast

it's been so long that i will lingered

i'll wait til your horses thundering hooves ring clear

a rasp from my throat heralds you are near

your flashing eyes sends a fierce surrender

from an ardent cowboy to his badlands dame


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MsGrant Sept. 12, 2010 @ 2:37 p.m.

NAN!!! You're back!! Again, goosebumps. Never fails. Your poems are gorgeous. Thank you.


nan shartel Sept. 18, 2010 @ 12:25 p.m.

thank you Quill...i'll be by to read ur blogs soon sweets


nan shartel Sept. 18, 2010 @ 2:18 p.m.

went to see ya today Quill...i love both of ur blogs...especially the Trick or Treat one


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