i found Jerry Schad last year amid the Perseid meteor shower which is a summer pleasure for star gazers...it was obvious to me he had the legs of a masterful hiker and the spirit of a poet so i continued to read him and comment

this year's event has just past

Jerry and his very special wife Peg found me after i'd posted my poem "The Half Life of Love" in the Reader

the half life of love is not always the same

as it would be with Beryllium or some other game

it is of course caused by decay

it's mathematical equation is pointed that way

but sentient beings can change all Physic's rules

by heating the potion and creating the tools

to pour on the heat and steam up the place

with bodies in motion velocity paced

to win a quite perpetual muse

whose long legs and hips will never refuse

to stop at the end of the ascending log

and two lips that will find that slippery slope

handfuls of hair are tangled and groped

and leave's the lag stifled as the chemist applauds

with a mind spins he thinks will competes with the Gods

A half life, asymptotic by nature never to meet

so we'll change the shape, of that slope

to one where the energy delta increases

in a most passionate direction

the temperature rising as our reactions

the nuclear kind are superimposed

the only geometry that will do is one where our orbits

coincide our planes intersect, our spins match

at the deepest of elemental levels

n dimensional geometries, alternate realities

waves and particles all considered

to find those coordinates in space and time

where our love and our passion are true and sublime

with bodies colliding and no, ne'er a ricochet

where a smile has magic and your eyes create a

sensual, loving, universe just for the couple we are become,

the experiment's yield happiness and love

so you must think fusions the key

my plasma is ready to face your decree

a gigantic implosion could be maintained

with endorphins exploding right into our brains

a light show magnetic so wildly confused

a space ticket punched my perpetual muse

would this be plane or solid geometry

or Einstein's E=MC squared hammering me

with wave after wave of light speed converging

your reaction creating mind and soul merging

i think this might be centrifugal force

atoms bombarded never having a choice

a room with a view will be needed

if this implosion is heated

thus floating out to sweet stellar place

a bright red star blown will be a disgrace

to our explosive savage reaction's display

fusion then beyond the event horizon

as i'm absorbed by your force of attraction

like a black hole swallows gravity you then

my living light, your passionate heart too complex

non Euclidean, non linear, and non Newtonian

impossible in its description or even to measure

probability and statistical analysis won't make a start

i do know the force of nature that calls my spirit

to your center... i come, entwined by an infinity of emotion

imploded, exploded my needs and desires satisfied

at the same instant reborn, a joining of essence,

perhaps the fruit a new born soul

joy then the song of the heavens

the journey started together an identity,

an equality of all we will be

Jerry as a Professor of Astronomy and the Head of the Natural Sciences at Mesa College was taken by it's mathematical Physic references wedded to the miracle of true love...and he E-mailed me...later Peg did as well and and a coffee invite was given that i unfortunately couldn't accept

mores the pity

Jerry was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney Cancer earlier this year and is in that waiting game being carefully watched over by Peg

if you would like to know more about Peg and Jerry who have created a "full life of love" in the short time they've had together check out this link


i love you two..your love and lives together are truly inspirational namaste Nan


quillpena Aug. 12, 2011 @ 8:50 p.m.

i remember this poem; it'a still impeccable. i read jerry and peg's story and it's a beautiful although sad one. i wish i could recite some pretty words to sooth their souls, but life isn't that easy and in many circumstances it isn't fair either.


K. Aitken Aug. 16, 2011 @ 9:01 a.m.

Lovin' the 'half life of love'!!!


And oh! what a love story.


nan shartel Aug. 16, 2011 @ 12:32 p.m.

i would call Jerry and Peg relationship stellar...the poem fits them perfectly Isadora ;-D


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