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My friend and I were coming back from a bike ride, climbing the hill through Presidio Park, and we decided to make a quick pit stop in the parking lot halfway up the road. This was well after dark and there was a group of people gathered there in the night. They were dressed in dark clothing and weren't carrying lights.

Suddenly, the whole group scattered and crept off into the darkness in all directions.

"Did you see that?" my friend asked. "What's going on?"

I had no idea, but there were still a couple of people hanging back by a van.

"Go ask them what's going on," my friend urged me.

I walked over to the van and I noticed that there was a little table set up with some literature and equipment set out on it. A woman sat behind the table. I asked her if they were playing a game, and she said, "sort of."

She said the guy in charge could explain things better. He jumped out of the van and introduced himself as Matt Barron, founder of San Diego Paranormal Eye, a paranormal investigations group.

He said they were doing a team building exercise. And he added that they would be working on their "situation awareness," and things to that effect. He gave me his business card and then bid us farewell. He had to go and seek out the hiders.

Turns out SDPE will investigate paranormal activity, so if you think you've seen a ghost, they're apparently the people to call.

Also, the website invites fellow experts in the otherworldly to join SDPE. They even offer free tours of haunted areas in and around Old Town to interested parties.

Since they do it for the love of the thing, all their investigations are free of charge. The SDPE motto: We bring kindness to the killed.

Check them out at sandiegoparanormaleye.com.

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