READ THE ONE BELOW NEXT IN THIS LINE UP! My old memory sometimes kicks in After I write. A few times I went to Santa Barbara, Ca., where I Found services just as awful, as in next blog. My first visit was to their county hospital, This particular visit was except for a testy doctor, I don’t take being treated as if I were senile, and I reacted appropriately. Then assigned to two Hispanic nurses, one definitely an Almost incoherent in her English, giving me, insisting actually a flu shot, and of course back outside, I became very ill. Never again, will I.

Then I went to the downtown cottage hospital, a fancy place, but stupid, as I laboriously walked up front steps to parking lot, discovered a concrete curbing at very top of steps ACROSS entry, which anyone elderly could trip over, was it a plan for hospital gain?! I alerted an inside attendant one of those aristocratic well dressed female debutante types, She said she would report it. She never did. Criminal.

Rolled in an unnecessary wheelchair to back emergency section, I waited. Inside finally, nurses bemoaned about my clothing, gave me hand me downs, which I later discarded. I have my style, it aint fashion but its sturdy. They let me shower in a facility that I had to be extremely careful as to not fall. As usual, doctor came in, gave me requested prescription, ignoring me otherwise and I left the premises. They all elitists, Deserve a report such as this!

Sometime later, I returned to their county hospital, them refusing to serve my needs, THE PROBLEM IS CALIFONIA WITHIN ITS STATE MediCAL plan allows counties to have individual pay plans, which screws anyone coming in from elsewhere in the state! So they insisted I go to closest Cottage hospital different from downtown one. I did and waited a long time before they sent me into bed to wait. Inside, I heard a nurse tell someone kiddingly, how he got into a fight for his condition, both the patient and her sounded as if they were on drugs, obviously meth. A outside attendant came in and said the info on my Medical was incorrect, she was wrong, she inept. Then a Dr. Mitchell came in espousing his phoney baloney, and with malice refused to serve me, ordering me to leave! I did. The federal government should investigate.

Working with a local mental health service organization, before they could offer me any services, they told me I had to go check into the nearby downtown Cottage hospital, Staying overnight than only then would they serve me, get the picture? Its all a connected scam. I went, spending the night on the floor of a small room guarded by a security guard! In the morning, the mental people gave me a ride back for no services. One of the female volunteers gave me a fancy walking bag, her father, she said didn’t need. Other than that it was all B.S. When I came back, I reported to FBI, a pecular form they had people fill out, which could been used for idenity theft by their computer staff. KEEP THIS FACT IN MIND OVER A 100,000 Anericans die a year in our hospitals, from inside methods!

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND THIS MATERIAL TO ANYONE YOU WISH, my book wont be readt for at least a year, I'm old! and naturally slow.

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Mindy Ross March 25, 2011 @ 9:45 p.m.

Shouldn't you qualify for Medicare by now?

I was reminded of the best ER doctor I've ever had, when Elizabeth Taylor died the other day. My ex-husband had taken me to the ER at Cedars-Sinai. He had done something very bad that I cannot say. But when the very handsome, black doctor saw the shape I was in and how my ex acted in regard to it, he flew into a rage and said, "If I see her here like this again, I'll beat the hell out of you myself!"

My hero!

But I was charged $700 for the visit and this occurred in 1980. He got paid well for defending me.


tomjohnston March 27, 2011 @ 3:27 p.m.

Cedars is a wonderful hospital. Both of our daughters were born there. Their obstetrics unit is one of the best, truly exquisite.


JBPOETGARDENER March 27, 2011 @ 9:03 p.m.

A few days ago I received the Medicare approval stating I had qualified in 2003, isnt our government great, the righht hand doesnt know what the left is doing.


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