OBAMA: WHY SAN DIEGO HOSPITALS SUCK!… (via [email protected]) In San Diego North County, in 2009, I was once again homeless, During weeks of rain, outside wet night and day, becoming suicidal. Then I volunteered into the Palomar hospital mental ward for a 72 hour stay, but was evicted turned out the next day with several others. We patients figured out why, because Saturday, was their big incoming day So the hospital could charge the state for us AND the new incoming!

Age 71, I was the oldest to be tossed back into the rain, along with my suicidal thoughts.

As soon as I could, I went to the Scripps hospital in Encinitas, Ca., They gave me the usual xray, and a blood test and told me I had to leave. With my then developed bronchitis. Oddly, the head nurse to the physician Told me, I “had the finest blood they had ever witnessed.”

Continuing, I went with my MediCal info onward. The community clinic In Oceanside, Ca., off of hwy 101, refused me any service!

Next, Tri City hospital took me via emergency room, and let me out with a prescription for what they said was a bacterial uretha infection, giving me a prescription that did nothing.

This all happened for over a matter of months…

Returning to the Tri City circus, I was diagnosed with now a malignancy [n The same area. And given a prescription for opiates which I never filled, but did the one for my diabetic leg nerve condition, a statin.

I quite assure, immigrants get better service!

Finally, I went by appointment to the Vista Community clinic on Vale Terrace rd. in Vista, Ca., where elderly Dr. Joe Brown , acting crudely like a Marine ordered me to Drop my pants for a prostrate procedure, later gave me no more information about anything else requested, giving me a prescription that filled, made me incredibly Dizzy which could make me fall, their pharmecist alerted me. I took it once but never again. I can fall down on my own.

Returning to the clinic but on Pier View st. in Oceanside, Ca., I waited to see a nurse Because of pain, when did so, she refusing to give me prescription for controlling Very active diabetic urination, she didn’t sending me on my way, my politely demanding to see a doctor the next visit only to find the nurse had blocked that request trying to see me again, so I persisted and assigned Dr. Cynthia McKinney, whose ONLY interest was that I prepare for surgery. But I demurred and began a regimen of specialized vitamins and a daily blended drink of apple, ginger, cloves of garlic and a mixture of cinnamon and ground coriander*, the first controls blood sugars preventing diabetic pains and the second herb seed bought ground fine, documented to take out heavy metals of the body. This mixture excellent on ice cream. After months of pain, is better, but I doubt solved. But Mr. President, would you go back? Oh, I forgot, the government receives the finest care the tax payers pay for, Which House Speaker Bonehead ignores, He’ll never qualify to sing in “Les Mirasables.” Everyone knows pigs cant carry a tune.

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Cleo March 27, 2011 @ 5:22 p.m.

Don't go to the Vista Clinic if you are caucasian. Too bad for you. Sorry, but this place is designed for the spanish speakers and you will be left waiting for a long time for your appointments. They will also hang up on you.

Good luck elsewhere!


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