Well, when you live in an area that has a world of people that comes to visit it from June 1st until September 30th, you just cannot avoid the various languages, dress, and questions that accompany the visitors. We are always happy for the season to begin, and many of us are happy when the season ends. Still, we have some great stories that we shared with our visitors and stories that our visitors shared with us.
We also have our own contributions to make in the neighborhood, as well as unexpected and expected occurances. Ringling Bros Circus is due in a week, and we will be waiting for them. Every year they walk their animals through O. T. Now you would think that this was unusual, and it is. What is amazing is that the you hear and see five year old children laughing and calling out to their friends to come see the circus, and if you look closely, you will notice that many of those five year old children have lots of wrinkles and grey hair. Circuses have a way of doing that to us. Last year, in July, I was standing out front with some friends when several people dressed in Red, went running bye. Those several people were the leaders of a large group of people dressed in Red. I asked what the group was about, and I was told that they were 'running for beer'.
Then we have a local tough guy by the name of Jack. He is a little dude, built like a mini barrel. He loves to take a walk. You can always tell when he is into his power walk, because his human is hanging on the leash hustling to keep up.
Time to take another break and think about what else I want to share. Later....


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