As I woke Sunday morning to a beautiful sunny summer day, and to a somewhat forgotten Fathers day......

I don't know if I put it to the back of my mind because my father passed away 6 and a half years ago, or to protect myself from feeling sad that I cannot share this day with him.

Yet the day is here and there is no getting around life goes on and I celebrate the day, ever so lightly with my dear husband. After all it is his day too.

We both tend to be low key on Mothers Day and Fathers Day, not much needed really, so we spent the day relaxing, went to the Guitar Center, bought some new strings for Hubby's guitar, then off to have dinner at the New East Buffet....let me tell you this is the golden ticket for Steve.....unlimited food....though if you looked at him you would think he was starving. The man doesn't show weight gain...lucky boy!

So we finish dinner and we decide we will go walk off the food....lots of it. We head off to the mall to browse through stores and such...people everywhere, all out for fathers day. Eating ice cream and cinnamon buns, etc. The view is optimal, it is striking to see so many fathers with their small children smiling and having a special day for Dad.

It is in simplistic terms, Too Cool!

And as we stroll, I am thinking bout my Dad, and how special he is and was, that I miss him greatly, but am happy for the time I had with him. Cause those times were so special.....and unforgettable. Then I stop to think about all the dads that have left their children behind, for no other reason but to be sad they will never know the pain they placed on a young vulnerable soul......and then there are those who had no choice in the matter cause it is there duty to the country.....with the reality that they may never get to see their children grow up....not because they are selfish, instead, because they are selfless......and I thank them for that, to put there life and in essence their family on the line for our well being.......

I look around me and see the single Moms, with their children, and I think to myself, this is a day for you too, cause they have to provide not only the feminine view in life but the masculine view also....double duty, so to speak....and sometimes a thankless job.

Whether by choice or circumstance, I see all around me fathers being fathers, helping mold their sons to be strong and appreciate the family. And fathers teaching their young daughters to be ladies and learn that to be loved is also to be respected and respectful.....I often wonder how many dads realize just what they instill in their children, just by being in their child's life. If they realize how much it means to us as little girls......

I can only attest to that, cause face it, I am a woman, and will never know what it is like to be a boy or man.

We finish our stroll through the mall, and we walk through the doors, back into the daylight, it is still sunshine and warm air, a few blustery cotton like clouds, an orange glow starts to fill the sky, red and violet too. I walk away happier and feeling like I had my day with my father, only in thought and special memories....yet I had my day.

So I sit here and write this blog, and say belated Happy Fathers Day, to all that take that role in the family. To all that give that support and teach their children about life, in general, and those who are positive role models.....

Cause that is what my Father is and always will be to me.......Thank You Dad!

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