5:51 AM

I begin my day with my customary struggle to get out of bed. On my way to the kitchen I catch a view of the still dark sky and out of my mouth my first word of the day escapes ...unbelievable ! A commandly clear crescent moon is hanging onto the past nights sky appearing smack dab in the middle of my view .Plus... throw in some super stars still twinkling or are they winking at me as I search for some breakfast .

6:19 AM

As I finish preparing my breakfast ( my big meal of the day and also favorite) I just can't move away from what's happening outside my window. My view is from Boundary and Maple overlooking freeways 15 and 805. I rearrange my table and chair to get the optimal view of this morning show thats unfolding in front of me.

6:21 AM

A pink blueish mix of cloud wisps appear in front of a back drop of a clear blue sky. Both colors are simply unreal ! Cannot imagine they could be duplicated .Even the expert paint mixologist at Home Depot couldn't match this .

6:25 AM

Sunsets seem to get all the attention but on this morning this sunrise has got it beat. The moon hasn't quite given up but the last few stars are disappearing and the hills and mountains seem to be taking over my view.

6:29 AM

As I look to my right ...to the south is Tijuana and its as if TJ is closing calling it a night as all those lights that were so plentiful earlier are all but invisible now.

6:34 AM

Straight ahead of me the sky has become white as they have shoved aside the pretty pinks .And as I sit here those whites are getting even more vibrant ... it feels as if their waking up along with me. But I am distracted by a group of not-so-attractive clouds that have huddled a bit to the south. Looking like the colors you mixed together as a kid when you combined too many colors ...a muddled mix.

6:38 AM

Its getting brighter and the number of cars on the freeway below are increasing . My eyes are openning ever wider or more accurately being pried open by the insistent sun zeroing in on my face .

6:46 AM

Shift change ...Miss Sun has officially taken over for Mister Moon .

6:51 AM

The sun is now pulsating to the beat of the day and it feels like it is on top off me . It is becoming so bright that I can't even look directly at it any longer. I contemplate putting on my sunglasses as this very real fireball is bursting through the trees and up and over the distant hill. A truly remarkable sight .

6:52 AM

I grudgingly surrender to the message ...my 60 minute show with no commercial interruptions is over . Time to get a move on and get to work. And yes join the snarling traffic below .


Ruth Newell Jan. 21, 2012 @ 9:58 p.m.

Hard to leave for work after that I'll bet.


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