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The lead singer for a heavy metal band was brought into a San Diego County Superior Courthouse today and charged with one count of solicitation for murder.

Timothy Peter Lambesis, 32, is facing a “maximum exposure” of nine years, according to prosecutor Claudia Grasso. She spoke at the arraignment today, May 9, 2013.

The prosecutor claimed that two weeks ago, on several different days in late April, Timothy Lambesis approached persons he knew from his gym and asked “if that individual knew anybody that could kill his wife.”

The prosecutor said that Timothy and his wife of eight years are going through a “difficult divorce” and that the accused said his wife “was making it difficult for him…and thus he wanted her killed.”

“He further went on to state that it’s better for his children to have one healthy relationship with one parent rather than two unhealthy ones,” the prosecutor said.

When investigators became aware of the alleged plot they set up a sting, using an undercover agent posing as a hit man, according to the prosecutor. Timothy Lambesis met with the pretend-hit-man named Red, two days ago on May 7, the prosecutor said.

“He approached Red, and said that he wanted his wife gone. When asked, he said I don’t want to see her ever again. When specifically asked, do you want her dead, he said, yes that’s exactly what I want.” Prosecutor Grasso claimed this damning statement was “on recording.”

“He further went on to state that he wanted it done when he had the children, because the children would serve as an alibi for him.” The couple have adopted three children from Ethiopia, according to public documents.

The prosecutor claims Timothy Lambesis gave the undercover agent an envelope containing even more damning evidence: one thousand dollars cash for expenses, pictures of his wife Meggan, and the address where Meggan lived including gate codes and instructions on how to get in. The husband allegedly made note of specific dates that the killing could be done, which were the same dates that he was due to have the children, according to the prosecutor.

The deadly series of events began last August while Timothy Lambesis was away on tour, the prosecutor said. That was when he sent an email to his wife telling her that he no longer loved her, and that he didn’t want to be with her anymore, and that he no longer believed in God. Meggan Lambesis reportedly told investigators she later discovered her husband had a string of affairs, and the following month she filed for divorce.

Today the judge imposed $3 million bail and directed that if Lambesis is able to make bail, he must wear a GPS monitor and surrender his passport; and he directed the accused not to leave San Diego County except for travel to Los Angeles to meet his attorney there.

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Visduh May 9, 2013 @ 8:19 p.m.

One look at the pics of this tattoo-covered grease-ball makes you wonder what is happening in contemporary culture. His band was referred to as "Christian heavy metal", a strange pairing if ever I've heard of one. So he and his wife adopt some waifs from Africa, and how he tries to have her killed? Seems so, but if he's as inept in putting out a "contract" for the murder as portrayed, it suggests his brain is scrambled, cooked hard.

Oh, oh, oh, I have to remember that's he's innocent until proven guilty and all that sort of stuff. But even if a tenth of these allegations are true, he's a nutcase.


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