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Shortly after the California Supreme Court opined that San Diego County and the San Diego Sheriff’s Department might be found liable in the 2006 shooting death of a mentally unstable, intoxicated Santee man in his home, deputies in San Marcos entered a residence on the 500 block of Charlotte Drive and fatally wounded an intoxicated man wielding a knife.

On Saturday afternoon (August 24), deputies received a call regarding an “emotionally disturbed person” who had consumed a large quantity of medication and alcohol, later described as “suspect” David Lee Brown, accused of acting erratically and making violent threats toward the family member who called in to report him.

Authorities, including Deputy Adrian Moses, described as the “victim” in an August 26 update provided by the Sheriff’s Department, entered the residence and found Brown “semi-compliant.” Brown, whose pockets were visibly full of knives, knelt when ordered to do so by deputies, but then pulled out a knife and attempted to lunge at a deputy who was preparing to handcuff him. Moses, fearing for his partner’s safety, shot Brown four times.

Lifesaving efforts from paramedics summoned to the residence were unsuccessful, and Brown was declared dead at the scene.

Moses, according to the Sheriff’s Department, is a six-year force veteran who has worked out of the San Marcos Station for the last two years.

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FatCatSegat Aug. 27, 2013 @ 7:37 a.m.

What happened to non-lethal force in this county? If its not the SDPD, its County Sheriffs and so on. Within weeks, whomever is our District Attorney will release a no fault finding to the press. Lets take a look at how many other countries do the same, can we? NOT MANY! Okay, when drugged out of their minds, certain people can be and are "untazeable." Understood. There are many non lethal weapons out there. Bean bags sure get their attention, and then theres the foam that hardens once it hits the target and is exposed to air. Sure, its expensive, BUT NO ONE DIES! Americas Finest City needs to start living up to its name. This is coming from someone who loves his city and who understands the need for effective law enforcement which IS provided us. The brutality has to stop 'though.


Yankeedoodle Aug. 27, 2013 @ 2:01 p.m.

Fat Cat: I agree that a casual inspection of the news stories here in San Diego can lead to the impression that law enforcement is taught to arrive at a scene of disturbance and immediately lay down a field of fire. Whether the numbers back that up or not, I do not know.


FatCatSegat Aug. 28, 2013 @ 7:36 p.m.

All you have to do is scratch the surface. It is not pretty under the proverbial scab.


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